HTML5 Course In Tamil


The requirement to attend this course is:

  • Ability to read, write and understand Tamil and English language.
  • Having an understanding of the Operation System and basic commands to perform operations with the Operating System environment.
  • Have a desktop, Laptop, or iPhone with internet connectivity.
  • Having 12+ hours to attain the course.


HTML5 Course in Tamil offered by Programming Line can be learned by getting registered in this course to get the high-quality content which is very much affordable for all. This course can help its registered students to understand things in the simple tamil language.

HTML technology is evolving and is improving to develop an interactive web page. With the continuous evolution of technology, there is a dramatic change in the techniques of HTML to create an interesting and engaging web page. The objective of the course is to train registered candidates to develop interactive and engaging HTML5 web pages.

The course is not a desperate outcome to fulfill the need of the time, this course is an outcome of a continuous thought process to provide quality education in HTML5. The course will teach you techniques to create an HTML5 web application rendered on a web browser.

The course will teach you tags, elements, and different types of attributes to create a web page, the course will enrich you with techniques that are specific to HTML5. You will work on the latest version of HTML5 to create a web page that can track user behavior and their interaction with the web page. 

The course contains 17 modules subdivide into 108 sessions to be taught in 12+ hours. The number of theory sessions is less as compared to practical sessions on HTML5. The practical sessions will equip you with the skills required to build and create aesthetically pleasing web pages.

Learn HTML5 technology to create web pages at a rapid pace and quickly get it on the internet. Use the techniques of HTML5 to embed semantic tags, and tag them with audio files to play the page is rendered. Learn to use Video tags to play videos as the page is rendered. You will learn to use different types of events to enrich the web page with customer-oriented functionalities. HTML5 supports short videos as well as movies. 

Get the glimpses of first three chapters of the HTML5 course in a short video to feel the depth of the course and become aware of the teaching techniques of Programming Line instructors. Click on the play button of the short video to play it. 

Get registered for this course and understand different techniques of HTML5 in your mailbox. This ebook has illustrations of different concepts, methods, and techniques of HTML5. The course contains practical examples of HTML5, each practical example moves you one step forward towards professional HTML5 web developer. All the elements, tags, and attributes are given in-depth to illustrate their use in the present and future web development. The online learning platform of Programming Line is appreciated and approved by industry and academic experts to train working professionals and students in basic and advanced techniques of HTML5.

There is no free trial or discount for the course offered by Programming Line, to learn HTML5 from programming Line experts, course seekers will have to get registered and pay the requested course fees. The fees can make access the course online either for a lifetime or for one year.

The course is available in Video formats supported by different electronic devices like mobile phones, laptops, tablets, and more, the course is available on various platforms, in web-supported video format. The course is trusted by over 2000 students located at distant geographical locations.

Take this course to keep yourself one step ahead of HTML5 learners. In programming Line avail unlimited skills development learning in sessions to be taken by industry experts. Attend our online sessions and get trained for HTML5 skills over a period of one year.    

Each instructor-mediated module will provide online training on HTML5 tools and emerging techniques of HTML5. Each interactive module contains theory and practical sessions. The course instructors insist you learn by performing practicals, thus emphasis is on particles rather than theory, to moto is ‘learn by doing. Each module provides clear instructions on developing skills in HTML5. 

The course will let you take dive into the depth of HTML5 and learn by exploring the evolving technology of HTML5. The course is an answer to your most of the popping questions on web development technology. The course is supported by software development companies in India and the course is regularly updated to meet up the software industry standards.

Learn HTML5 advanced level techniques and different types of functions by academic and industry experts. The course is structured as per the learning needs of beginners in the domain of HTML having no or basic familiarity with HTML. To enjoy the solidarity of HTML5 get started with this course and move on to the advanced level of HTML5.

Learn the techniques to create, use and modify media and controls to have a web that is appreciated by your website visitors. Learn to loop in HTML5 to cater different needs of customers. You will have hands-on experience in working with colors, setting different types of backgrounds, using gradients, setting borders, and use of different text effects.

The course contains videos on features and the use of canvas, techniques to use geolocation, and technology to build mobile applications. This course begins by providing training at the basic level and moves you to learn advanced techniques in HTML5. 

To develop an understanding of higher concepts of HTML5 get registered in this course. This course is designed to provide you learning with some of the most used features and techniques of HTML5. Each practical example of the course is assisted with a working file to provide learners the ability to use HTML5 concepts and techniques.

The technical team of Programming Line regularly delivers the next evolving technology in HTML5. Programming Line online learning platform is good at providing the technical experience of innovators working in the domain of HTML5 for more than 10 years. You learn to develop web pages of marketing websites, business management websites, and websites engaged in delivering online training to students and working professionals.

We train you to face technical interviews of software companies engaged in developing software applications. Take this course to learn the techniques of HTML5 to get trained on skills to be used in software companies. Get deeper technical insights into HTML5 and get prepared for companion technology associated with HTML5 to build web pages.

We deliver competitive training to registered candidates and provide you with learning to cope-up with industry professionals and get trained in trending techniques of HTML5. The training is easy-to-learn, exhaustive, and tailored as per the requirements of the software industry. By the time this course gets complete most used techniques of HTML5 will be at the fingertip of registered candidates.

The modules are designed to make learners efficient and effective problem solvers. The capability of the online platform of Programming Line depends on the learning capacity of registered candidates. Your curiosity in learning HTML5 is your learning gain.

The course can be learned in a customized way as per the available time of learners and enrich you with essential HTML5 skills. The course content and each learning topic are focused on revealing its practical application. Our learning program is appreciated by most professional software industry experts.

We provide holistic concepts of HTML5. We teach the why and how of HTML5. We train you to face the competition by providing you with an easily digestible course on HTML5. This downloadable course can only be learned on the online platform of Programming Line. 

You can track each activity that you perform on the online platform of the Programming Line. This is done to improve your learning and make you more focused on learning modules of HTML5. All the registered candidate performance is tracked and a comparative analysis report is displayed on the learning platform of Programming Line, this gives you insight into the learning gain and your efforts made to attain this learning.

Why should you learn HTML5?

Learn HTML5 to engage your user, increase the consumption rate of content, to develop web pages that support search engine optimizing techniques. HTML5 supports different media formats, different formats of images, and text format that supports the online learning platform of Programming Line.

HTML5 techniques are trending and are used to develop platforms that support the exploration of web content. HTML5 techniques are efficient and effective in presenting linear and non-linear data on the web page. The emerging technology of HTML5 is more user engaging and is useful in developing an aesthetically pleasing user interface.

Web-based applications are increasing so do the skilled professionals in HTML5 in demand. Learn HTML5 to become get work web developer and earn a lucrative salary.         

Why should you take our course?

Take this course to overcome the imbalance that exists in the courses on HTML5 offered by most of the existing online learning platforms. We are professional in breaching the gap between technical skills required and technical skills taught.

Software companies working on HTML5 are running after HTML5 certification of Programming Line. We have given trained HTML5 working professionals to the existing companies and they are doing good.

In terms of rank, our course on HTML5 is ranked among some of the most professional online training providers. The course content is created by keeping in focus the demands of the software industry and to cope-up with the syllabus of the universities. Thus the course is an outcome of academic-industry participation.     \

What makes our course a best-selling course?

Instructions, training techniques, and student-instructor communication make this course one of the best-selling courses. The tools we use to develop web-based applications to teach techniques of HTML5 are ones used in software development companies to develop dynamic web pages.

The learning path of the course is based on the syllabus covered which helps the students to gain the most out of this course. 

Post-course career opportunities are excellent and the course is able to train students to face technical interviews with some of the best-performing companies in the domain of HTML5.     

Who is this course for?

This course is designed to train students and working professionals who need a wide range of understanding on HTML5 in their own native language.

The course is designed to teach Tamil students in their native language. Our instructors have undergone this complete course in Tamil.

This course is to support the students who have the language as a barrier to learning new technologies trending in this world.

The course fees are kept at their lowest to cater to the needs of some of the economically backward students located in distant geographical locations.