Why Programming Is Important ?

Computers are used in business, education, banking, and communication. Instructions are given to computers through programming. Read this article for more details.


Computers are used regularly in daily life. Computers are used to convert facts and data into useful information. Computers are mechanical devices. These mechanical devices are used to store and analyse data and convert it into useful information. In our daily life, there are many online services that are used to access useful information. 

Computers are used in the education sector. In the education sector computers are used for teaching. Computers in schools are used to develop creative minds and augment the imagination of students.

Applications that are used for teaching includes – Drawing Tools, applications that are used to record Audio/Video and produce Audio/Video, and applications that are used to create presentation slides.

In the education sector, smart classes are being developed in which students take lessons developed on computers. Many universities and colleges are providing degrees through online courses.

Students are able to learn technical and non-technical skills by using computers.

Computers are used in business. Many business applications that are used in managing business are developed on computers. Businesses such as online marketing and e-commerce are possible only with the use of computers. In this type of business sales, purchase, and their related accounts are maintained by using computers.

Online businesses use business software that eases the complex and repetitive task of business. Computers are also used to do business planning and to manage different types of goods and services.

With the help of computers, it became possible to get connected to remote computers irrespective of distance and location. 

Using computers remote teams can be developed having team members that are remotely located. With the help of computers, skilful persons located remotely can become team members and improve the current work with their skills.

Applications such as MS Office are used to develop documents that look professional.

Computers are also used in hospitals to manage daily hospital routines. Hospitals maintain a database. In this database records of all the employees and record of all the visitors and patients is maintained. There are many medical applications that are developed on computers. Computers are also used in medical research to find vaccines for a particular disease. Computers are also used in pathology to test blood, to test urine, and to conduct full scanning of the body.

Computers are also used in the banking sector. In the banking sector computers are used to create accounts, manage accounts, and maintain and manage transactions. All the cash deposits and withdrawals are also maintained by computers. There exist banking applications to maintain and manage cashless transactions.

All the activities that are performed at ATMs are maintained and managed by computers. It can be said that all the processes of banking are maintained and managed by computers. Now, bank customers are able to operate their accounts at their ease using internet banking

With the use of internet banking, customers can get information about different types of loans.

Computers are also used in government offices. Almost all of the government offices earlier used to do manual work but when computers came into existence almost all of the manual work was automated. Now the time taken to complete the manual work was less as compared to automated work.

Why Programming is Important

Programming is important as it is used to maintain and manage computer hardware and instruct computer hardware to carry-out desired work. Programming makes it possible for humans to interact with computers and make them do work as desired. With the help of programming, all the tasks that are performed in online business, online education, and banking sectors are automated.

The computer is an electronic device and all electronic devices are able to understand electrical signals. In computers, these electrical signals are converted into binary forms of 0 and 1. The combination of 0 and 1 are used to store and retrieve data from the primary and secondary memory. All this process is made possible with the help of programming languages. 

Programming languages are used to develop programs that make computers do work.