Is Programming Easy ?

Programming is easy. Programming is logic. Programming is systematic. What is programming and why it is easy and how to make it easy? Read this article.


Computer programs are developed to create executable programs. These programs are created to accomplish a particular task.  Programming is done to automate manual work. To create programs programming languages are used. The programs are also called source code of a program.

The main objective of programming is to create instructions that will be used to instruct computers to accomplish a particular task. Program development has different phases such as developing algorithms, creating source code, debugging the developed source code and error removal phase. When all these processes are combined together then it is called software development.

The developed program should be reliable, robust, it should be usable, the developed programs must be portable, the developed program should be easily maintainable, and performance-wise the developed programs must be efficient.

The source code of the developed program must be readable. The more readable the program the more easily it can be understood. 

Developing programs is easy if the requirement analysis is done exhaustively. The more exhaustively the requirement analysis is done the more easily the desired programs can be made. Different methods are used to do requirement analysis such as Use Case, and Agile Software Development.

Different modelling techniques are used to develop desired software. These modelling techniques include Object-Oriented Analysis and Design (OOAD) and Model-Driven Architecture (MDA). UML, which is the Unified Modelling Technique, is also used to develop programs. 

Other techniques that are used to develop programs include Entity-Relationship diagrams also called ER Modeling. Different types of languages implement these techniques, these languages include functional languages and logic languages. 

Different types of programming languages use different programming paradigms. Choosing a particular language to develop the program includes company policies and personal preferences. The programming languages are selected on the basis of the difficulty level of the task to be automated. Each language has a set of basic instructions that need to be used. These basic instructions include Input, Output, Arithmetic, Conditional Execution, and Repetition.

Developing a computer program involves many steps. These steps include Prototyping, Coding, Debugging, Documentation, Integration, Maintenance, Requirement analysis, Software architecture, Software testing, and specification. 

Programs also use mathematical concepts and concepts of physics. 

To develop a computer program, the computer programmers must be familiar with the computer program development process. The computer program development process includes the development of algorithms. The algorithms are developed to state the logic of the program and to state the sequence in which the program needs to be developed. The more efficient the algorithm the more effective the programing. Algorithms are developed using English language constructs, a programmer must be able to read and write algorithms more efficiently and effectively. This makes programming easy.

The programmer must also know how to write programs. The programs are written using a particular programming language, the more proficient the programmer in a particular programming language, the more easily the programmer is able to write code. Thus to make programming an easy task the programmer must be familiar with all the syntax and programming constructs of the language.

To make programming an easy task the programmer must know how to debug the program. Program debugging removes errors. The more efficiently the programmer debugs a program the more effectively the programmer can remove errors. Error removal is an effective and efficient process carried by programmers to develop error-free programs. The more proficient a programmer in a particular language is, the more easily the programmer can remove errors. This also makes programming an easy task.

Is programming easy? The answer to this question is Yes.