Is Programming A Good Career?

Programming has been in demand for the last two decades. A good computer engineer is in high demand. Read this article till the end to know more about this.


First priority of every student is to find a job. Easy and high-paid jobs are considered by almost all of the students. To find a job requires self-analysis, in self-analysis, it is required to find the work a person is proficient at. The job environment must be such that it should support working efficiency.

Job seekers must have a clear state of mind about job location. This means that job seekers must have an understanding of the difference between working outdoors and working with people belonging to different cultures and different environments.

Jobs are rated on the basis of the pay scale, the future scope of the job, the stress that the job is going to lay on the employee, and the working environment of the job.

Money is one of the criteria to decide whether a job is for you or not. But money secures your future and improves life quality. Household requirements are fulfilled by money and money comes from jobs, that is why job seekers look for jobs that are highly paid. But money also influences a person’s emotional state but a certain limit. Thus money is one of the factors to decide on a job.

Stress is always bad for health as per doctors and psychologists. A job having a low-stress level is preferred by most. To reduce stress levels it is required to find a job that makes employees have their own schedules and finding ways to handle challenges. A job can lay different types of stress such as demand volume and duration of work.

A person also prefers a job in which he/she has control of factors that are making the job. Another factor to be considered is power if the employee has the power to exercise then that employee enjoys that job. The next factor to be considered is social support. If the job is such that the employees have high social interaction then that job is also considered as a good job.

A job seeker must look for the job according to the ability that the job seeker possesses. Doing a job that does not match the ability leads to stress and that in turn affects health.

A job should be such that it engages employee and make them focus on particular desired skills and gives glimpses of current and future aspects. A job that has a well-defined beginning and end is also preferred by employees. If the job has different types of tasks then also it engages job seeker attention and willingness to work. All these factors must be considered to decide on a particular job.

Job seekers also consider jobs that are in the public domain. A job that is in the public domain also provides satisfaction. Satisfied employees work more than unsatisfied employees.

Is programming a good career?

It is not possible for everyone to become a good software engineer. To become a good software engineer requires to keep upgrading technical skills. To upgrade technical skills requires hard work, passion to devote to study and keep on learning. It is also required to implement what is being learned.

The learning domain in software engineering keeps on changing. Learning one domain will get you a job but for a limited period of time to sustain software engineer has to keep on work outreach and keep on improving working domain understanding.

Programming is a good career if you possess all the factors stated above and have the skills that are required. If you don’t have technical skills and you are putting efforts to upgrade yourself with new skills within the working domain then this good career becomes a bad career.