How To Make A Resume For Freshers?

Are you looking for tips to learn how to make a resume for freshers? If yes, stay with the passage to know the steps and tips for making a stunning resume and cracking the dream job smartly.

A resume for freshers should focus on education, skills, projects, and achievements. Work experience is less relevant because the recruiter does not expect years of working experience from a candidate applying for a fresher job. It is pretty obvious.

People who are fresh graduates or want to start their professional careers often get confused about including, how to include etc. To make you understand how to make a resume for freshers, we have explained it step by step in the following paragraphs.

Let’s go into details.

Tips and steps for Fresher resume

Understand the job description

Keywords related to job roles, skills requirements, role, responsibilities, etc., used by the companies in the job description are vital indicators about how to make a resume for freshers.

Please read them carefully, including relevant sections. Your keywords and details in the job description should be an exact match. You should be careful about any mismatch or changes in phrase etc.

Contact Details

After understanding job requirements, write your contact details on the top of the resume. Contact details should include full name, mobile number, email address, physical address, and links to your social media accounts, preferably LinkedIn.

Resume Objective

Write a short and effective resume objective. It should include your expectations from the job, career goals, use skills at the workplace, etc.


In the education section, write facts, dates, and numbers with accuracy. If your marks are not satisfactory and you do not want to mention them in the resume, write grades in place of marks. Write exact details because all of these details will be verified later, and if found any mismatch, it could lead to your termination.


Please make a list of skills required according to the job description and compare it with your skill-set. Write down all the matched skills, both hard and soft. Hard skills are technical, whereas soft skills are people skills. Both are vital for a successful career and life ahead.

Projects and achievements

For a fresher like you, who wants to know how to make a resume for freshers, projects and achievements are the best way to prove your candidature. It is practical experience in the relevant job role, which can be used to leverage other candidates.

Write projects with all the relevant details, including project objective, job role, execution, results, etc. You must mention your contribution and how you handled any particular issue during the execution of the project.

Review and conclude

Review the resume, check for grammatical and punctuation correctness, and rectify if found any errors. You can also include specialization in any foreign language, hobbies & interests relevant to the job applied for, etc., to make the resume more interesting for the hiring manager. Once satisfied with all changes and details, finalize your final copy of your resume for freshers and submit.