How to Write About Yourself in a Resume?

Wondering how to write about yourself in a resume? If yes, stay through the passage; we will explain all relevant aspects for writing about yourself for your reference.

Writing about yourself in the resume provides an opportunity to introduce the candidate to the company. The purpose of the “about me” section is to keep yourself ahead of the competition. In this section, you can talk about yourself, strengths, skills, and other vital information.

Given its importance for conveying the message, you need to know how to write about yourself in a resume effectively.

Steps for writing about yourself in a resume

Introduce yourself

Write your identity at the beginning about yourself. You can write it in three ways. First, write the exact designation such as Senior Manager, Executive, etc. Second, you can mention your level of employment, such as mid-level, entry-level. Third, If you do not have any experience, write fresher or pursuing.

Highlight significant aspects

Take the opportunity to highlight your major strengths and abilities in “about yourself.” You must mention here how your strengths are suitable for the required skills in the job description.

Make the “about yourself” strong enough to stand ahead of the competition. Your introduction, description of skills should make you a perfect fit for the job role. Before writing, you must think over certain questions such as why you are suitable for the job, contribute towards the company’s goals, have enough skills as mentioned in the job description, etc.

Justify your candidature by giving skill-related projects and assignments, which you have spearheaded.

Career Objective

Conclude “about yourself” with career goals and objectives. Your plans to achieve by working in the organization. Write career goals and objectives with proper consideration. The hiring manager will ask  diverse questions based on the information furnished in the resume..

You should also mention how you plan to grow within the organization and where you are seeing yourself five or ten years from now. These questions are vital because their answer will show your balanced approach towards career, seriousness, decision-making capacity, etc.

Let’s go through some examples to understand better how to write about yourself in a resume.


Friendly and professional event marketing specialist with rich experience of more than five years in ATL, BTL, and TTL events. Strong client servicing, vendor management, venue management, etc., with an eye for minute details on logistics, venue arrangements, etc. Built a new MIS system for keeping client’s data in real-time. Seeing myself as state business head position in next five years.

Tips for writing compelling "about yourself"

Be specific in all details about education, work experience, projects, etc. Keep the content short and specific.

As mentioned earlier in the passage, every point mentioned here will be raised at the time of the interview. So be careful about the content in this section. Write only if you are confident enough to justify and explain in front of the interviewer.

For every part of the resume, reviewing the content is very important. Use online tools and check the correctness of the text. Rectify if found any error.

About yourself should be updated as per changes in experience, skills, certifications, etc.

Consider these tips and steps to understand how to write about yourself in a resume.


About yourself is an opportunity to gain an advantage over the competition. It is a section that can be utilized to impress the future employer by showcasing your core strengths and abilities. Make a compelling story about yourself and improve your chances of selection.