How To Attach A Resume To LinkedIn?

Do you know how to attach a resume to LinkedIn? If not, stay through the passage; we will explain the complete process to attach the resume for your reference.

With over 610 million users and 92 percent of Fortune 500 companies on the platform, LinkedIn connects job seekers and hiring managers digitally. There is an option to create a profile on the network, but attaching a resume helps direct application in the job section, and hiring managers will be able to access your profile in more detail.

Given the importance of the professional network, it is important to know how to attach a resume to LinkedIn.

Steps to attach resume in LinkedIn

LinkedIn has kept the complete process of attaching the resume straightforward. You can attach your ready and updated resume in just a couple of steps in few minutes.

Log into the profile

First, go into your profile. If you have not created one, make it now because you are losing the most happening professional network in the world.

In your account, follow the chronology: Go to “Me,” then click on “view profile” and proceed into “add profile section.” Scroll down a little and click on “featured,” it will open another dropdown and select “media.”

“me-view profile-add profile section-featured-media”

Select updated resume

After clicking on the “media,” the app will take you to your system. Here you need to select your updated resume and save it by full name for identification by recruiters.

Your resume should be updated with educational qualifications, career details, including all jobs and initiatives, skills, achievements, hobbies, etc. Your profile on the LinkedIn and attached resume should be the same in detail.

Any mismatch will not be good for your profile, and the employer might think you are casual about the application.

Save and explore opportunities

Once attached your resume, save it, and it will show your profile for all your network and hiring managers.

This is how to attach a resume to LinkedIn through simple steps through your profile.

It is also vital to ensure that your resume contains updated skills, certifications, and experience with attaching your profile. Here are some best practices to maintain your resume on LinkedIn.

Tips to make your resume interesting and relevant

When compiling skills and experiences for the resume, highlight the most significant skills which you have applied during previous jobs. Employers on LinkedIn want to know how you can add value to their organization, and they want exact keywords, not stories.

Provide proof in terms of facts and figures wherever possible. It will make your resume more appealing, authentic, and eligible for consideration by employers. You should know world’s leading employers, CEOs, and HRs are on LinkedIn, so make the best appearance before them.

LinkedIn offers opportunities to be part of several job groups, business groups. Join them to know the latest trends in the job market because industry leaders share their views on these platforms. Follow them and improvise your resume as per skills required to excel in the current job market.

Place yourself in the recruiter’s shoes and ask all the questions that come to your mind. Try to answer and ensure your resume provides all the answers when the recruiter analyzes it.

With these steps and tips, it must be clear how to attach a resume to LinkedIn.

Review and Conclude

Review your resume for any grammatical and punctuation errors, correct it and attach the final draft. Once attached, it is open for recruiters and hiring managers to review. Keep all the points and steps into consideration and explore the best opportunities on LinkedIn.