What is the purpose of Group Discussion?

Group Discussion is a method to assess the communication skills and leadership skills of students, job candidates, and brainstorming in business for strategies. There is little variation in the purpose of GD for business or education, or placement purposes. We will discuss the purpose of GD for education and employability in this passage.

What is the purpose of Group Discussion for Job Placement?

As per LinkedIn, “Interpersonal skills are the future of employability and communication skills will be the most in-demand criteria for future employee selection.”

Employers and Hiring managers are recruiting people with great communication skills and leadership skills. Preparation for Group Discussion depends on what these hiring managers want from you. So, let’s go through the purpose of conducting Group Discussion that a candidate needs to work on for better performance.

Purposes of Group Discussion for Jobs

  • GD is a process to understand the candidate. How a person communicates, deals with a situation, leads a topic, negotiates to prove a point etc., speaks a lot about his/her personality. It shows how an employee will perform in the office under certain situations.
  • Group Discussion hints about problem-solving skills, leadership skills, patience, and skills required for client management, project management, and on-spot problem redressal.
  • The purpose of Group Discussion is to make yourself comfortable before the personal interview. You are given a topic and need to speak your idea of it with relevant points. It makes a candidate confident about the interview-like environment. It removes shyness and helps in coming out of the shell.
  • Most of the topics in Group Discussion are unique and need spontaneity to discuss. You need to think and give perceptions right there, which needs your common sense, wittiness, and smart thinking.
  • The purpose of this is to check your quick and smart thought process, an essential skill for the workplace.
  • Another important purpose of Group Discussion is to check the knowledge about contemporary topics. If you are not living under the rocks, this would not be an issue. To know about contemporary events shows your awareness and how you use that knowledge at work.

What is the purpose of Group Discussion for Education and Learning?

Communication skills are vital for career and life. School is the perfect time to start implanting interpersonal skills, which will bloom into a highly skilled adult, ready to take on a job and life’s responsibility.

Purposes of GD for Students

  • Group Discussion improves interest in studies. Students are encouraged as speakers and speak on various topics in front of students. It boosts their confidence and improves concentration in the curriculum.
  • Teachers get feedback about their lessons because of the improved communication skills of students. It improves teacher-student comfort level and hence overall school environment.


Learn and practice at an early age to understand what is the purpose of the group discussion and excel in your career. Group Discussion as a method of improving communication skills at school prepares students for job, career, and life. With this passage, it must have been clear what is the purpose of group discussion and its importance in shaping life for the better.