Emotional Intelligence Versus Cognitive Intelligence

What is the difference between EI and CI and how it helps you in career growth?

Intelligence is defined as an ability to solve complicated problems in pressing situations. Intelligent people score good marks in all the subjects, participate in various competitions, and ultimately become winners. The IQ levels of bright students are more than their counterparts. 

You can improve your cognitive and IQ levels within a short time if you make efforts to strengthen your brain functions. You may be able to build your intelligence levels and stay an edge over the others when you follow certain time-tested activities like the ones listed below.

  1. Exercise regularly
  2. Meditate in the morning and evening
  3. Do breathing exercises
  4. Drink coffee and green tea
  5. Read books 
  6. Sleep for several hours
  7. Stay away from mood swings and so on.

You should always be mentally and physically active most of the time to improve your IQ levels. Research reveals that students who take part in online and offline quiz competitions will have the best IQ levels. 

 There is always a debate –Emotional intelligence versus cognitive intelligence – Which one is better?

You can become a strong leader and mentor only when you develop EI and CI levels. There are differences between emotional intelligence and cognitive intelligence. 

Emotional intelligence is controlling or professionally expressing your emotions. On the other hand, cognitive intelligence is nothing but learning new things, memorizing, and remembering new lessons. Cognitive intelligence deals with problem-solving skills and EI deals with emotions and expressions.

You should learn to manage and decently show your anger. Employees can grow in their workspace and reach higher positions only when they professionally emote their feelings. 

There are time-tested methods to express your emotions, anger, and feelings on others. You can fix a meeting and professionally express your feelings. Abusing your close friends or family members in front of neighbors or others is an indecent way of handling the problems. 

Learn from your mistakes and improve your EI levels

Expressing anger is not a mistake. The methods that you adopt while express your anger should be in a decent manner. Never attack your enemies physically but follow legal procedures like arresting or issuing legal notice. It will help you to improve your EI levels. 

Communicate your actual intentions verbally or orally through proper channels like letters, recordings, mailing, and word of mouth. It is better to comfort others during a crisis and strengthen your bondage. You can even embrace or hug your dear ones when they struggle with pressure.

 You can develop the best relationship with your seniors, colleagues, and friends when you start strengthening and improving your EI levels. 

 Do CI plays a critical role in the corporate setup?

 You will now be able to answer in detail if someone asks you a question – explain emotional intelligence versus cognitive intelligence? Cognitive intelligence plays a vital role in office and corporate setup. 

The interview panel may come up with a question – Can you explain the importance of improving Cognitive intelligence? It is better if you have a thorough understanding of CI. Only then it is possible to answer the above question accurately. 

Cognitive functions imply improving problem-solving skills, learning new subjects, passing on judgments, improving memory power, and verbal interpretations. It is more of a mental ability than emotions and feelings. 

You can become a team leader and progress in your career only when you improve EI and CI levels. Both are different sides of the same coin. You have to be tolerant, peaceful, strong, and intelligent inside the workplace. The supervisors and top managers will watch all of your activities from close quarters and judge your EI and CI levels.