Is Emotional Intelligence important?

“Is emotional intelligence important? ” Yes, it is. Emotional intelligence allows you to comprehend your and others’ feelings and then respond accordingly. Therefore, it is really important to have high emotional intelligence for you to succeed in life and work.


Before moving forward to comprehend “Is emotional intelligence important” let’s briefly overview what is actually emotional intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is nothing but the capability to identify your emotions or feelings, to regulate your emotions, to understand others’ feelings as well, and to show empathy to others.

Emotional intelligence is a skill that everyone should have to function empathetically at work or generally in life, as it’s very important to understand your emotions and comprehend what others are feeling to make appropriate decisions.

So, if you consider the question that states, “Is emotional intelligence important” The answer would be a YES.

Now, let’s see why emotional intelligence is important or why everyone considers it an important skill?

Why is Emotional intelligence important?

Emotional intelligence is important as it lets you empathize with everyone. It lets you be aware of yourself and others. It lets you communicate effectively and make an informed decision in a particular situation or communication. 

Emotional intelligence makes you respond in a good way after considering your and everyone else’s response, and this helps to create a good environment at a place where you work or live.

It’s not only about responses, and Emotional intelligence makes you more compassionate and empathetic towards others. It lets you comprehend the root cause of anyone’s action so that you can handle the situation accordingly.

Emotional intelligence has great importance while handling a stressful situation. Therefore, it is crucial to be kind in such a situation and handle it with mindfulness.

Different components of emotional intelligence:-

  • Recognition of your feelings:- 

The first step towards emotional intelligence is to be acquainted with your own emotions or feelings and to have an idea of how your emotions and actions will impact you or others.

  • Regulating your emotions:- 

The second component of emotional intelligence is to regulate your emotions after recognizing them. Regulating your emotions involves finding the right time and way to express them without hurting anyone else’s emotions.

  • Being Motivated:- 

The next component of emotional intelligence is to be motivated and know about your goals.

  • Being Empathetic:- 

Emotional intelligence makes you understand or feel what another person is going through, and then while connecting with that person, you can be more kind and thoughtful.

  • Improved Social skills:- 

Another component of emotional intelligence is to have great Social skills; when you feel connected to another person emotionally, you communicate with them more effectively and efficiently.

When you put together all these components of emotional intelligence and try to achieve high EI, it will positively impact your life and career.


The answer to the question that states, “is emotional intelligence important” is Yes, emotional intelligence is beneficial for sure as it makes you be acquainted with your own emotions and be empathetic towards others.

Nowadays, high emotional intelligence is considered a skill that every working professional should have to be more efficient at the workplace, and it’s surely a helpful skill in your daily life.

I hope this article provided enough information about why emotional intelligence is important or why high EI is a prerequisite.

If you’re one of those who haven’t thought about having a high EI or who didn’t know about the same, now is the time for you to start thinking about having a high EI.

All the best!


Is Emotional intelligence important for students?

Answer: Yes, emotional intelligence is important for students. Students who are more efficient in comprehending and managing their emotions are more likely to get good grades or perform better academically as they would manage their negative emotions better. Furthermore, this is the right stage to start developing such skills as those students will be more efficient when they grow.

Is emotional intelligence important in a relationship?

Answer: Yes, it is. Due to high emotional intelligence, you would understand each other better. You would be able to be aware of you and your partner’s feelings in a much better way. You would be most likely to communicate better with each other. You would be more kind to each other, and all these things would make your relationship better and more successful every day.

What is EQ, and is it related to emotional intelligence or EI?

Answer: EQ is the emotional quotient, and it computes emotional intelligence. If you want to calculate or measure your emotional intelligence, it would be measured in EQ, and then you can say that you have a high EQ, low EQ, or a medium EQ.