Why Is Emotional Intelligence Important For Teens? 

“Why is emotional intelligence important for teens?” Emotional intelligence is important for teens because this is their growing phase, and this is when they adapt to new things or learn new things. 

Therefore, it is better to teach emotional intelligence to them at this phase of their life to be better at managing their emotions and understand others’ feelings at this stage only. Doing so would not only make them self-confident but also empathetic and good people when they will grow. 


Emotional intelligence is an essential skill for every age group. Still, it has more benefits for teens as they are in their growing phase, and having high emotional intelligence at this phase can prove beneficial for them. 

Adolescents go through various changes due to puberty, and it has an impact on their emotional well-being. It becomes really difficult for them to manage their emotions and express them right. 

Adolescence is the right time for anyone to start learning emotional intelligence. At this phase, people should start comprehending their emotions and try to manage them in the right way. At the same time, at this phase, a person should learn to understand other people’s emotions and try to be kind towards them. 

Adolescence is when people should prepare themselves for their future and incorporate good values into their lifestyles, so this is the best time to start learning something as important as emotional intelligence. 

Why is emotional intelligence important for teens? 

Emotional intelligence is an important factor while building a beautiful and healthy relationship with others. It helps you understand someone’s feelings why they have reacted like that in a particular situation. 

It makes you feel others, and when you get to understand other person’s emotions, you most likely build a strong relationship with them. So having a higher emotional intelligence helps teens develop strong relationships and properly manage them. 

Nowadays, many people are dealing with mental stress and anxiety, especially teens. Teens are more likely to face mental stress and anxiety; however, high emotional intelligence could help them manage their anxiety or stress. Emotional intelligence can help teens to stay happy and calm. 

Emotional intelligence helps you resolve conflicts, as with higher emotional intelligence, you would understand other people’s perspectives and the emotions behind their actions. Teens especially need to be free from conflicts and to have better relations with others. 

A higher emotional intelligence also helps teens perform better in their academics and concentrate more on their studies or other skills as they would be able to manage their negative emotions in the right way and would not get distracted by them. 

After you’ve learned about the benefits of emotional intelligence for teens, let’s see how you can develop emotional intelligence in teens. 

How to develop emotional intelligence in teens? 

It has been studied that some people are born with higher emotional intelligence, while others need to learn emotional intelligence as they proceed with their life. Adolescence is the right time to start teaching students about emotional intelligence. So let’s see some points that can be useful to make students emotionally intelligent. 

  • Self-awareness:-

Self-awareness is a must to be emotionally intelligent. It is essential to be aware of your emotions, to be aware of yourself and your reactions. 

  • Management of emotions:

After being aware of your emotions and comprehending them, it becomes essential to regulate them properly to express them at the right time in a proper way. 

  • Try to develop empathy:-

Another important step towards emotional intelligence is being empathetic and showing kindness towards others. 

  • Selecting the right mood:-

Selecting the right type of mood in a particular situation and not letting anything ruin your mood for that specific situation is something that an emotionally intelligent person does. So teaching students to do so is important. 

  • Managing conflicts:-

Avoiding or resolving conflicts is something teens should learn while developing emotional intelligence. 


Does being emotionally intelligent makes you self-confident? 

Answer: Yes, being emotionally intelligent would make you self-confident as you become self-aware about your emotions and know how to regulate them. In addition, emotional intelligence helps you be successful, and success would re self-confident. 

Is emotional intelligence more important than IQ? 

Answer: Some scientists believe that emotional intelligence is more important than IQ nowadays. 

Should emotional intelligence be included in teens’ school curriculum? 

Answer- Yes, why not? It would be great to make emotional intelligence a part of the student’s curriculum.  


To sum up, students or teens need to develop emotional intelligence while growing. To be able to understand their emotions, regulate them, and for being understanding towards others too. 

Emotional intelligent teens are better at managing and expressing their emotions, resolving conflicts, building strong relationships, and being kind towards others. 

It is very much possible to teach students or teens to develop emotional intelligence and grow into a nicer person who is happy and confident. 

I hope this article provided enough information about why emotional intelligence is important for teens. 

Thank you for reading.