Selenium Course In Tamil


To take this understanding of C language is required. If the course seeker has a basic understanding of Java and its associated concepts then this course is for you. 

The course seekers must have the ability to work with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, and other platforms that support Selenium. The course seekers must have the understanding and ability to work with different commands.

If the learner has the analytical ability then this course is designed and curated for you. Analytical ability lets you generate test scripts that is required to do an exhaustive test. 

In addition to this if the aspirant can do verbal and non-verbal reasoning then this course will be more beneficial for you and it will transform you into an efficient and effective web-based application tester. 

This course offered by Programming Line teaches you the basics required to attend the online sessions. This course is designed, developed, and taught in the Tamil language, the teaching medium, and instructional material is in Tamil. Thus to take full advantage of the course it is required that the course seeker can understand, speak and write Tamil and English language.  


Selenium is used to test a series of programs in less amount of time. The amount of code under development increases with time and testing this code within a defined time limit is a challenge. To improve the turnaround time of this process Selenium is used.

Selenium reduces the testing time. Selenium is used to automate the testing process, automation improves the testing process. This course teaches you basic techniques, methods, and principles to automate the testing process of web-based applications.

The course is designed and developed for beginners. Learn Selenium by Programming Line experts to automate the testing process. Selenium is a robust freeware to test the developed web-based applications. This course will teach you different features of Selenium Integrated Development Enviornment. These features are used to improve the testing process.

Learn to develop scripts to test the web-based application. Programming Line experts will teach you techniques to generate effective and efficient testing scripts. To do this knowledge of Integrated Development Enviornment is a must, this course has a module to teach different features of Selenium Integrated Development Enviornment.

Learn to use Selenium IDE to generate test scripts and learn the technique to manage and organize the automation process of testing web-based applications, this is done by developing structured test scripts. Selenium guarantees the test process.

The course is designed by expert software testers having the desire to share what they have learned over the past several decades. The course is designed to make you aware of the techniques used in Selenium to automate the testing process. 

Programming Line experts are members of the different testing groups and are certified testers. Basic programming knowledge will let you understand the testing process and will make you an able selenium script generator. The course creators are experienced testers and authors of different programming scripts. 

The course will teach you the basics of Java and VBScript, both these languages are used to work with Selenium Integrated Development Enviornment. The online course is structured into modules and each module is taught by a Programming Line expert. This teaching is recorded and can be downloaded as and when required.

Selenium concepts are taught in live online classes. These online lectures are recorded and are available on the Programming Line cloud in downloadable format. Learn the fundamentals in this online course offered by Programming Line to automate the testing process.

The course is designed and updated regularly, this is done by keeping beginners at the center of the course development process. The course begins by teaching you fundamental concepts and leaves you with intermediate-level Selenium techniques and methods.

To get registered for this course log into the course registration web page, fill in the required details, and pay the full fees using the Programming Line acceptable payment gateways. The course comes in two modes, one year access to the course and second, lifetime access to the course. The total amount of fees to be paid is different for both types of access.

We encourage our learners to participate in different code testing competitions and hackathons and put their testing skills on the board to be recognized, accepted, and appreciated by industry experts. The course is developed with the hard efforts of the team of Programming Line experts and this course is going to put you one step ahead of others in the domain of software testing.

All registered candidates can use and learn the instructional material developed through the active participation of Academicians and Industrial experts having a considerable amount of experience in the domain of software testing. The instructional material is enriched with the experience of the software testers engaged in the testing process over several decades. The instructional material is developed by taking care of the percentage of errors that may creep in. Thus instructional material contains less amount of errors as compared to the number of errors in the instructional material available from other sources. This is one of the selling values of the course.

The course begins with the basic building concepts to be used in the development of scripts to automate the Selenium process and then advances to the complex topics to deal with intermediate-level testing difficulty. This course taught you the basic Java programming fundamentals required to learn this course. You will learn variables and different sets of operators of Java, understanding variables and operators is required to develop skills in Selenium.

This course will teach you different methods to automate the testing process, these methods include the Browser method and WebElement methods. This is a course for beginners designed to train beginners in the domain of testing to acquire the skills required to develop testing scripts. Get registered in this course and learn beginner-level testing skills and learn how to use Selenium to develop scripts.

Selenium is based on Javascript, thus understanding javascript is will let you have a strong hold on the concepts, methods, and techniques of this course. This course is developed by experts and will train you on most of the tools used to build the automation process.

In this course, you will learn tools to interact with the browser. These tools make the testing process more efficient, effective, and interactive. After getting trained in this course all the turnouts of this course will be able to generate the testing scripts that will require less testing time and the total cost incurred in testing will be optimized.

You will learn to use the selenium automation testing tools on different platforms such as Windows, Linux, and Macintosh. You will get familiar with different programming construct of languages such as Java, Python, C#, and Ruby.

The course begins with an introduction to WebDriver and WebElements, developing an understanding of Locator types, and then you will get familiar with different categories of methods, tools, and techniques.

The course has a separate module on how to install and configure Selenium Integrated Development Enviornment. You will get familiar with the critical parameters required to configure the Selenium Integrated Development Enviornment. 

Web-based applications are increasing to cater to different needs, these web-based applications must deliver correct results. To ensure this, testing tools are used, one of these tools includes WebDriver. 

WebDriver is capable of testing different elements of web-based applications such as buttons, labels, correct functioning of radio buttons and radio button groups, list-boxes and other elements to be used to develop interactivity. Learn different parameters and settings required to deal with and use WebDriver.

In this course, you will learn testing automation techniques and the learning path of the Programming Line will transform you into a certified tester. In this online course, you will learn different components of Selenium to become an efficient and effective tester. The course will discuss different case studies and will make you an efficient and effective tester. The course is designed, developed, maintained, and managed by industry experts having a sufficient amount of testing experience.

Why should you learn Selenium?

Selenium is a testing tool designed to automate the testing process. Selenium can test different web elements and check different functionalities of the web-based application. Selenium can test the web-based application to find the bugs of different categories and complexity.

Selenium test scripts are robust, reliable, and firm to find the hidden and sleeping bugs in the web-based application. Selenium has framework to design and test different web-based applications, Selenium checks for Browser errors, and models to check webpage errors.  

Selenium provides you the ability to write customized scripts to corner errors. 

Why should you take our course?

The course has 10 modules distributed over 35 sessions to be taught in approximately 7 hours. The course can be leaner on Android, iPhone, laptops, and Desktops. This online course powered by Programming Line has strong job assistance. 

The schedule of the course is flexible and comes with a lifetime membership also. The course mentors are skilled and proficient in developing efficient and effective testing scripts. You will then Selenium advantages, different functions of Selenium IDE, and different levels of Selenium Grid.

The course is a quality yardstick designed to train you to test the web-based application. If you are seeking to excel in the techniques, methods, procedures, and tools used in the testing of web-based applications then get registered for this course. 

What makes our course a best-selling course?

Successful course completion will let you acquire a lucrative job, the average salary of a beginner-level software tester is in the range of Rupees 5 lacs to 7 lacs. After gaining sufficient experience the beginner-level software tester will be able to acquire the job of testing manager. 

The programming line job assistance will let you acquire a tester job in the start-up firms and if the registered candidate can acquire the professional level skills then this course can lend you to the software firm having established infrastructure. The course is in demand among Tamil students seeking to learn software testing.

Who is this course for?

Skills covered in this course include basic level java programming construct, Selenium, WebDriver, different Automation skills, and techniques of Web Alerts. 

This is a self-paced learning course, learning instructions and directions to be followed to take the desired tasks are delivered by instructors. 

The course is designed for freshers having the ability to read, write and understand Tamil and English language.