Kotlin Course In Tamil


To learn Kotlin following are the requirements:

  • Basics of Java Programming.
  • Working knowledge of Python.
  • Having skills in doing maths.
  • Having a working knowledge of computers.
  • Understanding of Object-Oriented Principles.
  • Having analytical ability.
  • Having verbal and non-verbal reasoning ability.


Learn Kotlin to become a proficient programmer to develop backend applications and for developing web-based applications. Learn Kotlin to write code of short length and create clean code.

Kotlin is a popular programming language and is used to develop Android applications. Kotlin is capable of developing scalable android mobile applications. Kotlin is an improvisation of Java programming language. Learn Kotlin to use frameworks such as Spring or Spark to develop mobile applications.

Kotlin is helpful to do teamwork and supports techniques to share code among team members. Due to this Kotlin is used and preferred for a big project. Get registered for this course and learn the Kotlin framework.

Kotlin syntax is easier to read and write. The number of lines of code to attain the desired function in Java, C or C++ language will be more as compared to the number of lines of code written in the Kotlin program. We at Programming Line teach you to develop Kotlin code that is more concise by letting you understand the inline functions capable of performing more tasks with a single line of code.

At Programming Line you will learn to test and debug the program. We will teach you techniques to attain reusability in Kotlin. You will learn to write code in Kotlin so that it does not repeat. To achieve efficiency Kotlin properties are used, learn to create properties in Kotlin with our expert guidance. Our Kotlin experts will make you understand the techniques to create and use properties.

Get registered in this course to get familiar with different types of methods to be used to develop desired code. You learn to use Smart Casting with help of theories and practical examples. This is useful in creating efficient code.

At Programming Line you will learn to use Android Studio. Our instructors will discuss essential features of Android Studio required to develop Kotlin code. Kotlin supports program techniques, methods, and constructs to develop applications that support multiplatform.

Learn Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile techniques to develop mobile applications for Android and iOS. Our curse curriculum has a module that teaches you to develop native applications and different categories of cross-platform mobile applications.

Kotlin is being used by Philips, a Movie platform such as Netflix, and VMWare. Learn Kotlin on Programming Line Online learning platform to develop code that is efficient for developing software applications suitable for networks. We will also make you familiar with efficient and effective data storage Kotlin techniques.

Learn to create an interesting and engaging user interface for Android and iOS. We will discuss the techniques that can improve the performance of Kotlin applications. You will learn code-sharing techniques that improve the code development time.

Our experts will let you use methods to integrate the kotlin application with the application that is in use. You will learn kotlin to develop software applications to take advantage of native applications. Mobile applications developed on Kotlin are much better in regards to the other mobile applications.

Our course instructors are experienced and are capable of teaching techniques that are used to implement business logic.

In the research conducted by professional market researchers, it was found that almost 60% of Android developers are using Kotlin to develop Android apps. It was found that many android apps are working on Kotlin. Due to these features, Kotlin will be in use and the number of applications based on Kotlin is going to increase in the future.

Philips is one of the companies that is using Kotlin to develop multiplatform Kotlin applications. In this course you will learn Kotest, Koin, Arrow, Ktor, Appolo, etc., these are some of the popular kotline libraries that are used to develop Android and iOS mobile applications.

Learn Android Studio to develop cross-platform mobile applications. You learn to use Ktor and SQLDelight to develop Kotlin applications that can target multiple platforms. Our experts will teach you methods that will improve the time required to develop mobile applications.

This course offered by Programming Line will make you work on projects that will use most of the tools and techniques taught during the course. The project will let you implement Kotlin framework and different libraries to develop Android using software industry standards.

Learn to combine Kotline with JavaScript to achieve a better performance Android application. The programming Line community will help you to develop efficient and effective Kotline code, the Programming Line community is available on different social networking platforms, and Kotline experts from the software industry can help to create desired functionality to satisfy customers. Access to the community can be made using different social networking websites.

The Programming Line learning interface is friendly and helps its learner to access different features that facilitate learning. Programming Line online learning platform provides cloud storage to store and retrieve instructions. To gain access to the cloud storage of Programming Line each course seeker will have to get registered for this course by paying complete fees in one installment.

Learn Kotlin at the programming line to develop mobile applications, web-based applications, software applications that can be executed on desktops, and other applications that can support native software platforms. Kotlin supports different operating systems such as macOS, Windows, Linux, etc, 

You will earn a course completion certificate that is recognized by the software industry engaged in developing Android applications. The course is in 3 modules distributed in 33 sessions to be covered in approximately 8 hours. The number of registered candidates in the course is increasing and reflecting the success of the course.   

Programming Line objective is to train learners to develop skills to be used in the development of Android applications. Programming is using techniques that can engage learners to provide successful learning instructions. Programming Line instructors follow flexible teaching techniques that are accessible to all registered candidates. Our objective is to make the learners achieve their learning objectives. At Programming Line you will learn the required technical skills to develop an Android application to reach its potential.

This course is in Tamil and you will learn tools, techniques, and methods in Tamil and English language.  

Why should you learn Kotlin?

Learn Kotlin to develop the skills required to develop Android applications and iOS applications. Kotlin target multiple platforms and is used to develop static software applications. Learn Kotlin to develop concise programs with increased readability, Kotlin has different types of built-in functions to achieve customer-related functionalities.

You do not have to learn Java programming language to learn Kotlin, there exist different resources to learn Kotlin online. The Kotlin is more practical than theoretical. 

Kotlin is a modern programming language that integrates technical features of the preceding generation language. This is a language easy to learn and implement most of the technical aspects required to develop Android and iOS applications.      

Why should you take our course?

Take this course to develop mobile applications that can target multiple applications. Kotlin is used to develop web-based applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, and games. This course offered by Kotlin will let you work with industry professionals to develop web-based applications, desktop applications, mobile applications, and games. 

Kotlin is easy to learn and can be learned easily by beginners. Our online training instructors have the industrial experience to teach the basics of Kotlin and make you familiar with the most-used libraries of Kotlin.

What makes our course a best-selling course?  

This is a course that teaches you basic to intermediate-level Kotlin topics. The course is designed to target learner needs to get placed in the software industry. The course has topics that will make you proficient in developing Kotlin applications.

The objective is to teach Tamil students Kotin in the most lucid form and make them capable enough to crack technical job interviews. Course certification is recognized by most of the software industries in and around Tamil Naidu. 

Tamil students seeking to learn Kotlin can take this course, the course is available at an unbeatable price. The course covers most of the topics from beginner to advance level.

Who is this course for?

This course is for Tamil students seeking to learn Kotlin from industry experts. The course is for Tamil students seeking to make their career in the domain of Programming Line. the pre-recorded videos are of good quality and are based on scientific principles of teaching and learning. These videos are designed and developed by industry experts and are made available to all the registered candidates through Programming Line Cloud. 

This course is designed to cater to the needs of Tamil students located distantly in different geographical locations. The teaching medium of the course is Tamil and videos are available in online mode and offline mode.