How to get job in TCS?

If you are on the brink of graduating from your college and looking to get employed at some top IT companies like TCS, you need to check out this post. As per its expansion, TCS or Tata Consultancy Services provides its clients with a host of software services. Currently, it’s among the top ten IT employers across India. Today. It currently employs over 424,200 employees at its various branches, at 47 locations worldwide.

TCS is a business process outsourcing company, and naturally, it aims to garner the best and the brightest of fresh graduates each year. If you happen to be mulling over, “How to get job in TCS?” then you need to know that there is a due process/ template you need to follow.

And if you are keen on discovering “how to get job in TCS?” check out the rest of the post. Just make sure that you reflect good academic standing, both in school and college. TCS, like other companies, has its own set of prerequisites that you need to follow. So do check out the rest of the post to know more.

● Check online portals: 

When seeking out jobs online, you first need to check out the various online job platforms. Most of these platforms would list TCS requirements and even specify their terms conditions and the required eligibility criteria. Of course, one of which is that the applicant must be an Indian citizen.

You must also be an engineering graduate or an MCA graduate with good academic standing. You would usually be asked to mail your application and the requisite supporting documents, including copies of your academic scores and other relevant information.

And it might also be a good idea if you got some work experience before applying to work for TCS. The experience should certainly come in handy when applying to work here.

● Eligibility criteria and more: 

When it comes to applying to TCS, one of the first things that you need to know is that TCS picks freshers and mostly engineering graduates. So you need to choose the relevant subject streams for your 12th and get into an engineering college of good repute.

Sounds simple, right? But TCS does have more than just a select few for you to remain concerned about. For example, TCS expects all applicants to maintain a certain percentile ranking and attain at least 60% during their tenth and twelfth.

Yup! You heard it right. The company expects all its applicants to have a good and steady academic showing from the 10th, with very few exceptions allowed. And you are also expected to maintain the same caliber through your engineering college.

● Does TCS accept only engineering graduates as applicants?

Nope, not necessarily. While the TCS prefers to hire engineering candidates, on the whole – it does accept applicants from other streams such as MCA, MS, and even Ph.D. You should be able to verify these details on the career page of the TCS website or by calling up customer support for more information.

Overall, it is easy to see why TCS jobs are so competitive, despite the stringent criteria, one that expects you to maintain a stellar performance from your 10th. For starters, freshers can expect a remuneration package starting from 7 lakhs INR, which is bound to increase periodically.

And, of course, there are always the perks associated with jobs at TCS. And assuming you perform well, chances are that you may even get placed overseas, depending on the current requirement and need.

And this is how you get a job in TCS. The one tip is to ensure all the documents are in order and that you maintain the required academic scores to meet the required percentage.