The Process Of How To Search For Jobs On Linkedin?

Have you heard the trite saying that jobs are easy to come by and are a dime a dozen? Unfortunately, the reality is anything but that – applying for the job is hard enough without worrying about whether your application would be accepted, etc. But now, thanks to portals like Linkedin, the whole process is simplified to the extent that you can now apply for your preferred jobs with ease.

Given that there are numerous job portals, you might wonder what’s great about Linkedin? The fact is that Linkedin comes with a vast database of jobs and current postings. Furthermore, each post is checked and verified – only after the job is confirmed to be legitimate; it is then posted here.

And the process on how to search for jobs on Linkedin is quite easy, And when it comes to applying for it, it is equally easy, uncumbersome, and a breeze! Just check out the various tips and pointers posted below, and you will be off to a great start!

● Register: 

When it comes to a question of how to search for jobs on Linkedin, you would first need to register and develop a profile. While earlier on, several job portals allowed individuals to search their databases without registering, that’s not the norm any longer.

You would need to register with Linkedin to use their portal to search for jobs. It is not a laborious process; you would need to enter some background information, from your name to your current address. Once that’s done, you can even go ahead and complete the rest of the profile at a later time.

It would be advisable to complete your profile, including entering your academic qualifications and current job, before using LinkedIn to search for jobs. A complete profile can get you quick results, whereas an incomplete one would rarely get one.

Searching for jobs

Now that you have registered your account, you should be able to access the Linkedin homepage. You can begin the process of how to search for jobs on Linkedin. Just click on the icon of the jobs at the top of your homepage, and that should provide you with additional options.

Now, use the search jobs function, and search for the relevant post. You can enter the company name or search for relevant posts by entering the requisite keyword. That should do the trick, and you can use additional filters to screen the results.

Remember to update your Linkedin profile with the latest information regarding your academic background, achievements, etc. Usually, Linkedin will suggest more than a few jobs based on the information contained in your profile.

● How to apply?

When it comes to applying for jobs on Linkedin, you need to realize that there are two types of postings. First, the Linkedin portal allows employers to list their open positions with the easy apply option. And this is basically to enable all the Linkedin applicants to apply easily, with a click, and a copy of the profile will be sent over.

And then, there’s the apply option, wherein the employers would prefer to have Linkedin applicants complete their job application at the requisite company/ organization website.

You can opt for either, as there is no easy or hard format. You would still be required to attend a personal interview if your application is selected. The due process for each company is bound to be different, and once you have cleared your interview rounds and personal interview, you should be able to land the dream job.

And this is how you use Linkedin to search for jobs. The jobs portal provides you with an easy method to apply for jobs within minutes. Moreover, the process is simplified to the point that you can apply for numerous listings and increase your chances of landing the perfect job.