The Process On How To Get Police Verification Certificate For Job

It needs to be pointed out that a few jobs may have additional requirements, apart from you having to file a job application form. For example, if you are into applying for a high-profile security job, then you would need to get a police certification before applying for the said post.

Most companies usually undertake this when it comes to hiring employees for high-profile jobs, from positions related to security to those labeled “sensitive”. 

For example, if you happen to reside in the UK and have just applied to join M16, then you would definitely require a police certification to indicate that you have no prior criminal history. 

This is why you need to check out the rest of the post concerning, “how to get police verification certificate for job”. Follow these tips, and you should be able to obtain one in India in no time at all.

Eligibility criteria: 

When it comes to the process on how to get police verification certificate for job, the first thing that you need to check out is the eligibility criteria. As mentioned earlier, some jobs would require you to obtain one to cross-check and verify your background. 

They are essentially looking for whether you have had a previous criminal background, association with members with a criminal history, etc. A police certification should establish this, hence the need.

Required documents: 

These days, you can apply for a police clearance or police certification online rather than head over to an office building to file the requisite paperwork. Just make sure that you have these documents ready and available.

You would need proof of identity to indicate who you are; a voter’s ID card should do the trick. After which, you would need address proof as well as your birth certificate. 

Apart from these, you would also require proof of graduation and, if not available, then your high school leaving certificate, along with information regarding your current financial status, along with triplicate copies of your photos. 

It would be a good idea to get it all scanned and stored safely on your hard drive so that you can forward the same online along with your application.

Online procedure: 

Since you are already residing in India, just head over to the passport seva website, click on your local district link and apply with a selected login and password. Now, you are officially registered at the passport seva website, and click on the link that asks you to apply for a police clearance certificate. 

Now, you just need to enter the required fields, hit enter, and schedule an appointment. And remember, you would be required to pay INR 500 fee, and after it has been remitted, a representative would show up at the scheduled time to verify and check your background. 

E-form submission: 

This process follows the same guidelines as given above, more or less. You would still need to register an ID and password at the passport seva website. After which, you can opt for an e-application as opposed to scheduling an appointment. 

You would need to download the form, save it, fill in the required fields, attach the supporting documents and send it back. That’s it.

Keep in mind that once you have submitted your e-application, you can head over to the website to track the current status of your application. And as you have submitted all the supporting documents, it should verify your background and intimate the same in no time at all. 

Just one word of caution: many unscrupulous hawkers are trying to peddle fake police clearance certificates for a hefty sum; take care to avoid falling prey to them.