The Process On How To Get A Job At Facebook – Check It Out

Who doesn’t love to land a permanent position in one of the top, upcoming digital giants? If that sounds like you, then you need to check out the rest of the post. Landing a job is not easy, nor is it that hard; it is just a matter of following the correct guidelines to land it.

Facebook offers thousands of positions to upcoming freshers each year and even does placement interviews right on the college campus. 

That’s another reason that you may need to check out job fairs in your immediate locale and see if companies like Facebook make a periodic appearance to interview some of the top candidates. 

But if you are keen to learn how to get a job at Facebook, then do check out some of the helpful tips listed below.

● Start the process: 

When it comes to Facebook and how to land a job there, there’s no better place to start than to search online. But before that, you need to develop a few contacts in the professional field.

Apart from developing your profile at online sites like LinkedIn. Ask your friends to post recommendations, as that should come in handy as well. By posting your profile at various job-related sites, including those devoted to career guidance, you should be able to get your profile noticed.

●  Impress the Facebook recruiters: 

When it comes to the question of ‘how to get a job at Facebook,’ the only serious chance you have of getting in is by impressing the heck out of those recruiters. You need to impress them to the point that they are certain you would be an asset to the company.

More importantly, you need to make sure that you have pre-formatted your resume, as well as accompanying documents, and make sure you have them in order. And as you head over to the Facebook site to post a job application, make sure that everything is in order and that you forward the requisite application with all the relevant information.

● The process is complex, so be prepared:

Assuming that Facebook is impressed with your resume, you would be asked to undergo a series of tests through which the company can assess your skillset. The point here is that the interview process may seem a tad complicated and complex, but it is with good reason.

After all, Facebook aims to hire only the best, and to vet them is one way of ensuring that they select the very best to be recruited for their company. Fair enough, and keep in mind that the process may be subject to change.

But that said, once your resume is selected, you will be asked to undergo over 17 rounds of interviews. Yup! Not one but over 17 actual rounds of interviews, where your background, projects you had worked on, apps you had developed, etc., would all be discussed in-depth. 

The first stage usually consists of an on-call interview with a recruiter for over 45 mins. Once you have cleared it, you are bound to face others, and keep in mind, whether you are applying as an intern or an employee, you would be asked some coding exercises or pertinent queries regarding Facebook and how it functions.


The only way to beat a Facebook interview is to do some solid research. Check out what the others had posted online regarding the interview process, the sort of questions asked, and you can use this to prep for yours.

Additionally, research the company in-depth, learn more about how it functions, and try to surmise what improvements you would make – if you were in charge of Facebook. These questions are bound to feature at some point during your lengthy interview selection process, so prep for it. 

That’s it, and this is how you go about trying to land a job at Facebook and whether you are applying as an intern or as a fresher, you would find the process quite fulsome and satisfying.