How To Get A Job At The Post Office

If you are keen to join the Indian postal service, then there are a few essential pointers that you need to be aware of. For starters, India happens to have one of the largest postal networks in the world, currently employing more than 1.25 lakh employees. Staggering, isn’t it?

 This alone should give you an idea as to how large an organization it truly is, from start to finish. Even though the roots of the Indian postal system herald back to the days of the British raj, today, it stands out as a modernized postal service, one that aims to be efficient and effortless.

 Gone are the days, where postal employees would be required to guard their post; the times have indeed changed as most important transactions are usually handled online. Therefore, it is right that the Indian postal service keeps up with the times. 

When it comes to the question of ‘how to apply for a post office job’, it may interest you to learn that most of the jobs merely require a 10th/ 12th pas. . Based on their score, they would become recruited for various postings across India. These are some of the posts that you can apply for.

●  Staff cab driver: 

When it comes to a question of how to get a job at the post office, it may surprise you to know that the organization requires hundreds of cab drivers each year. Therefore, the primary qualification required is a 10th-grade pass, from any particular board, be it state or anglo Indian. In addition, you would be required to attend a personal interview in person, where you would be required to present the marks that you had obtained in your 10th/12th grade.

●  Rural postal officer: 

If you happen to reside in a rural zone, you can easily apply for the job as a postal officer. The minimum qualification required is a 10th/12th pass, along with the relevant certificates. The school can belong to any board, as long as it happens to be a recognized institution.

 Just keep in mind that you would still be required to attend the interview in person. In addition, you would be required to provide all the certificates on being requested to do so.

 The minimum age limit happens to be 18 years, with the cut-off at 40. However, SC/ST candidates can add five years to the cut-off age and still apply. Also, note that OBC/ NCL candidates would be provided with three years and the age limit to enable them to apply.

●  Assistant

You would require the 12th pass from a recognized institution to apply for this post. Apart from this, you would also have to attend a written exam if requested, and a personal interview would be conducted. Therefore, your 12th-grade marks would factor in the selection process, as well as other personal information.

●  Multi-tasking staff: 

As the title itself suggests, you would be assigned various responsibilities, which you would be required to carry out. The age limit is 18-25 years of age, and while the criteria is a 12th-grade pass, an equivalent diploma from a recognized institution should also suffice.

 You may also be asked to take a written exam, but your 12th-grade marks would still factor in the decision-making process. Keep in mind that there are various openings at the end of the day, and each comes with its share of responsibilities.

●  Postman: 

The job in question can be a tad grueling, given that you would have to collect posts from the box at regular intervals. You would just require a 10th-grade pass to apply for this post. But just make sure that you review the age limit for this post, which is between 18-25 years of age.

 Go ahead and check out the website of India post. All the requisite guidelines, applications should be provided there. Good luck!