What Is Notice Period In Job?

 If you happen to be a fresh graduate and have just applied for your first job, check it out. Also, try to learn more about the post and the responsibilities that go with it. Find out more about the responsibilities you would be tasked with and what a company would generally expect from you. It may be a tad surreal since you happen to be fresh out of college, and this is your first job.

 But you may also want to keep in mind that you may not like the job in question or that you might find it hard to carry out the given responsibilities on time, as expected by the management. And generally, it may be a good idea to talk with HR so that they can take immediate action and ensure that you can fit in more comfortably.

 But if left unchecked, you may end up being served a dismissal letter, which would clearly state the terms of your dismissal and how long you would be expected to work.

 Most companies consider the time from the receipt of the dismissal letter to the last working day as the notice period when the employee would be tasked with certain responsibilities. If you are wondering what is notice period in job is, then do review the information posted below.

● Complete all pending tasks: 

Remember that you were assigned certain responsibilities at the start. During the notice period, you are expected to wrap up all these tasks completely to everyone’s satisfaction.

You must maintain your demeanor at all times. While you may not entirely be satisfied with your dismissal, you need to consider it a gateway to more viable opportunities. With many job openings being listed each day, you can utilize the experience of this first job as an eye-opener, as a sort of a reality check, and be more careful when selecting jobs.

● Share information with your colleagues: 

Granted that the query of “what is notice period in job” may be troubling you. But that said, you are expected to behave professionally at all times. And as such, you are expected to share important, vital information. It could even be regarding the responsibilities assigned to you with your colleagues.

For example, you may have access to certain phone numbers; you would be expected to share this with others, among other things.

● Pay all your dues: 

Before leaving, settle the dues. Ensure that all the dues you may have incurred at the company are paid and settled.

For example, you might have an overdue bill for snacks and coffee – make sure that all these are completely paid for and settled before your last day. You would be expected to behave as a professional until the last day.

● Submit all the accessories: 

Your company and the management may have provided you with certain accessories to carry out your responsibilities without a hitch.

But since you are leaving at the end of the month, you would be expected to return the same, without any issue back to the management. So make sure that all the electronic items are in prime condition and work just fine when you resubmit them back to the management.

● Complete all your documentation: 

When you are ready to leave the company, the management will require you to submit certain documentation. Make sure that you sign and submit the same; this is how it is done for each employee.

All these are what a notice period in a job is all about. Just make sure that you understand the basic reasons why you are being dismissed and try to work on any of your shortcomings.