How to get a job in London from India, and what do you need to do?

Granted that it’s a challenging time to apply for new jobs and even one located in the historic city of London, set among the historical buildings and the Thames. However, the field is highly competitive; that does not mean it’s impossible. 

Just that you need to review the steps listed below and follow the directions listed and the requisite guidelines as well, just take a careful read, and that should do the trick, and follow the instructions given, carefully. 

Remember, you are one among the many who would be applying for a new job, and you would naturally need to make your application stand out. Just follow the steps listed, and you should be able to do just that.

Check out your field: 

If you are busy wondering how to get job in London from India, then the first thing you need to do is review the industry, scope, and determine how competitive it can be. While you can get a good job in other industries/ sectors, the same cannot be said of all the industries in London. 

One of the great things about London happens to be the fact that it provides you with a wide scope. And before you apply for a relevant industry, you may first want to find out if they have a presence in the city since they could be located elsewhere in the UK. 

If you are keen on staying in London, then you need to trim the list of viable industries and apply for those that have openings in the city. But, again, remember your qualifications and current skill set, and apply for positions that match both.

Search online:

When it comes to how to get job in London from India, you can review the various job listings online. Some of the top job sites like Monster have thousands of listings for jobs based in London. 

You can also check out various online job sites; most are generally free and allow you easy access to check the various listings. 

But when it comes to the actual process of applying for those jobs, you may be required to register yourself at these sites, verify your identity before you can begin applying. Granted, the process may sound cumbersome, but you should be able to apply for these positions in a matter of minutes and get the ball rolling.


Whether you are looking for more information on land jobs, there’s nothing better than networking. If you are wondering what it is about, it is primarily checking with your contacts, such as friends or relatives who are already based in London, for ready recommendations. 

Apart from this, if you happen to visit London, you may want to head over to some of the career/ job fairs since most companies would be represented there in one form or the other. 

You can meet up with the local representative, talk with them and get a better idea of what it would mean to work for their group. Similarly, you can check out sites, such as Eventbrite or meetup, which makes it possible to meet company representatives online or at least, to attend virtual seminars – all of which could come in handy.

Check with a local recruitment agency: 

Searching online is a great way to get started, but if you are serious, you need to approach some of the local recruitment agencies to find out if they have any available listings for jobs in London. 

Granted, there’s bound to be way too many agencies which is why you need to vet them to the top reputed ones. But then, just trim the list and apply to the reputable ones.

These are some of the essential pointers on how to go about when it comes to applying for a job based out of London.