Being Emotionally Intelligent Is More Challenging Than Having a Higher IQ.

Why is emotional intelligence important to personal growth? In simple words, the more the emotional intelligence of a person, the higher their chances of personal growth and living a positive and peaceful life.

Emotional intelligence refers to the ability of a human beings to handle their emotions intelligently. Thus, if a person is emotionally intelligent, he/she has the ability to handle any kind of emotion smartly, depending on the situation they are in. 

Emotional intelligence goes beyond a simple definition. Having a high IQ gives you the ability to solve life problems in a smooth and effective way. It helps you think faster and find the solution to life problems in a smart way. But the universe of emotional intelligence is larger than that. Emotional intelligence requires a lot of courage and strength. 

You will unfold the world of emotional intelligence via this particular article and will be able to discover how having higher emotional intelligence is more important for personal growth than having a higher IQ. Stick around in this article! 

What Is Emotional Intelligence All About?

Emotional intelligence works in various stages. The first stage is to become aware of your feelings and emotions. The manner in which you perceive, manage and figure out your emotions determine how emotionally intelligent you are. Not only your feelings but being emotionally intelligent is also how you manage the feelings and emotions of the people around you.

You can be born with a certain level of emotional intelligence. But as you experience life at different stages of your life, your ability to handle emotions will keep on changing. You will notice that you are expressing and managing your own emotions in a different way as you grow up and face the hardships and happiness that life gives you along the way. 

As much as it is important to understand and validate your own feelings, it is also equally important to comprehend and acknowledge other people’s feelings. Consider this as an example: you always tend to understand how your best friend is feeling at any point of time. It does not even have to be a close friend. It can be your co-worker or even a stranger. When you understand how others are feeling, you are already emotionally intelligent. 

How Can Emotional Intelligence Be Measured?

Popularly there are two ways in which emotional intelligence can be measured. One is through self report tests,in and the other type is ability tests. 

Self-report tests are very common when it comes to measuring the emotional intelligence of a person. In this kind, the person is given to rate their feelings when given a particular situation. 

For instance, if a person is given this sentence: “I always feel sad when someone loses something dear to them” and given options like strongly agree, agree, disagree, strongly disagree, and not sure, then that person can rate their answer. It is a very effective method in measuring someone’s emotional intelligence quotient. 

Ability test happens in front of a third person who will assess and measure your emotional intelligence. The people will be given live situations, and the third party will observe and mark you accordingly. 

Benefits Of Being Emotionally Intelligent:

Why is emotional intelligence important to personal growth? Having the ability to understand and comprehend emotions and feelings properly itself leads to personal growth. Being emotionally intelligent will give you more success than having a higher IQ. Here are the benefits of being emotionally intelligent:

  • Your communication skills will be top-notch:

It does not matter what field you are working in and what your profession is. Having great communication skills is very important to sustain in any kind of organisation. If your emotional intelligence is high, you will be able to communicate better with people around you and understand their emotions.

  • Empathise others:

Not everyone can have empathy. It is a personality trait that is very difficult to attain. You will be able to put yourself in another’s position and think the way they are thinking. 

  • You will be able to solve conflicts faster:

Conflicts are bound to happen between individuals. We all are opinionated human beings. But conflicts should not last for a long time. It has the ability to introduce toxicity in all kinds of relationships and break them as well. Emotionally intelligent people can solve conflicts easily and faster! 


It takes a lot to become emotionally intelligent. You will slowly start to acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to feel everything. That is when you can call yourself emotionally intelligent. It becomes very important to handle your emotions as well. It helps you understand the world better and widens your understanding of the world as well.