What Is Data Scientist Job?

 If you plan to set up a new product to market, it would be useful to have certain marketing trends handy, right? In a simplified scenario, that’s what data scientists are all about and why they are so valuable. One who reviews and studies large volumes of data while gleaning useful trends from the same.

 Think AI, and visualize the similarity between how certain AI programs operate and what a data scientist does. When it comes to “what is data scientist job?” all you need to know is that a data scientist helps study large volumes of data.

 He helps to decode the data into useful data sets, from which useful information and trends are gathered. It is then communicated to the companies, who have retrained the service of these scientists. Finally, it provides them with useful trends regarding their products and business. To know more, do read on.

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●  Why is Data Science so Essential?

Before understanding “what is data scientist job?” you first need to understand the importance. And, of course, the key role it plays in various sectors. For example, have you ever wondered how come Google always seems to display ads about products that you had searched for recently?

 That’s just one example of data science at play – Several AI’s pre-programmed to determine key consumer trends and display relevant ads. The result is more click-throughs, with more products being sold online.

 Sounds simple, right? Nope, it is not for data science is a very specific science and one where you would be required to review massive volumes of data, both structured and unstructured. And you would need to develop hypotheses, inferences, and consumer trends from the same. And that’s why it is important, to several key sectors.

●  Roles and Responsibilities: 

It should not come as a surprise that a data scientist was one of the most sought-after jobs last year, where it topped the list. It certainly comes with an attractive package and perks as well. It is primarily developed from science, mathematics, statistics, and of course, computer science.

 As a data scientist, the company would naturally expect you to be adequately skilled and have software know-how. In addition, you would be expected to develop key marketing trends by analyzing online consumer behavior and even deriving several actionable hypotheses and key trends.

 Your basic responsibilities would include developing a statistical model to analyze huge volumes of data so that you can identify key customer-centric behavior. By identifying such trends, your company can streamline its marketing to have a wider appeal.

● Data Insights:

As a data scientist, you may also be required to provide adequate data insights to other areas of your organization to enable them to function better.

 For example, with key data insights, you can help employees perform better at their jobs and even achieve better results. Apart from this, as a data scientist, you are also expected to possess adequate soft skills, intellectual curiosity, leadership skills, intuition, and creativity.

 It sounds like a tall order, but the remuneration is naturally quite large, apart from which, the job is bound to prove interesting.

● Qualifications and skills: 

When it comes to being a data scientist, you must possess an adequate skillset and the right educational qualifications. As a data scientist, you would be required to handle several complex tasks analyses in real-time.

Apart from your graduation, you need to be familiar with big data platforms and the various programs, such as Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, etc. You are also expected to know some key programming languages such as SQL, Python, Scarla pearl, and more.

As you can see, this is what a data scientist’s job is all about.