How Many Government Jobs Are There In India?

Given that India is a huge nation and the second most populous one globally, it is natural for the nation to have a huge demand as to its needs. And that extends to the workforce required to make everything run smoothly.

Getting a government job certainly seems to be the main ambition for many job aspirants. It should be pointed out that as far as the job eligibility criteria are concerned, it will vary. It depends more on the organization and the position you intend to apply for.

So when it comes to “how many government jobs in India,” a better question would be how many different types of jobs are there each year.

For example, if you plan to apply for a bank staffer or a desk clerk, a 12th standard pass should suffice. You may not be required to be a graduate, but the requirement will vary depending on the organization. But that said, it also depends on the organization. For example, if you plan to apply to a public sector bank, you may find the eligibility criteria and the format a little more rigorous.

● How many jobs are there?

If you wonder, “how many government jobs in India?” there are over 60 lakh government jobs. The clincher is that most of these requirements often go unfulfilled due to a lack of applicants.

Often this is mainly because some of the applicants do not meet the required eligibility criteria or are not serious about following through with their application. And some do not appear for the screening examination (not for all posts) either.

As a result, several states and central government jobs often go unfulfilled. The job sector needs to be better organized, and more information needs to be made available about due process.

● The benefit of a government job: 

One of the reasons that so many aspire to get a government job is that it is permanent. For example, a bank manager cannot simply fire a peon on a whim. There is a set process to be followed and one where the ‘peon’ in question can even appeal to a central government tribunal to get his post reinstated.

The government of India takes care of its employees. Apart from the salary, you can look forward to PF, medical leave, stay-at-home format, LTC, etc. But at the same time, some may claim that the government is indulging its employees.

The fact remains that this is often one of the main reasons behind its popularity. And given the huge demand that the government faces each year, as far as employees are concerned, they have set up several screening exams to ensure that the right applicant gets through.

● Defense: 

If you are keen to work for the government of India but in the defense sector, then there are various sub-sectors that you can apply to right away. As long as you meet the strict eligibility criteria and have the right educational qualifications apart from being an Indian, you can check out the various navy, air force, NDA, CRPF, BSF, army, and more.

Make sure that you review the eligibility criteria listed for each defense job carefully. For example, most would require you to be at least a 12th standard pass, apart from having a stellar educational background.

Remember that you are applying for the defense sector, where you would be required to do your utmost to secure the nation. And that essentially means that you must not have any criminal records or cases pending against you.

● Banking: 

You need to realize that the Union government operates several public sector banks. For example, the SBI happens to be one such bank. And if you are keen on a banking job, you can go ahead and apply for one as long as you meet the eligibility criteria.

With this information on government jobs in India, you should be able to carry out more research and decide your career choice.