How To Get A Job In Google After 12th

Google is one of the top technological companies in the world today, and naturally, many interested applicants are keen on applying for a job at Google. And that’s why one of the top search queries on most search engines online is “How to get a job in Google after 12th”. While Google is a premier US-based technological corporation and, naturally, is subject to US laws and regulations.

Being subject to these laws means that the company in question (Google) cannot employ underage employees or those unqualified to work at Google. In short, an employee must have an engineering or equivalent degree to apply for work at Google. But if you are still wondering “how to get a job at Google after the 12th”, you need to read on.

    Apply for an internship: 

While Google mandates that you must be a graduate to apply for a job – it also offers you some alternatives, such as an internship. Each nation has its own rules and regulations regarding internships; it may not be possible for Google to offer an internship program for all international students.

 And any Google internship program is bound to be highly competitive. And that implies that you need to be prep for this internship program. It would help if you showed Google why it would be in their best interests to hire you immediately, even as an intern. And after a few years as an intern, you can apply for a regular, full-time job.

 ●   Resume: 

The old truism still holds where resumes are concerned. A resume is often your best chance to impress Google, including applying for an internship. It is your first step through the door, and naturally, you desire to make the best impression. Make sure you get professionals to go over your resume and request them to suggest edits. 

A resume is not a document that merely lists your background. But it also needs to list your GPA (high school), academic achievements, Scores of any external examinations you may have appeared for, and other achievements (sports, social events, etc.). Remember that a resume must not be too long, and it must not be too short, either.


Graduates usually hire consultancies to help them land the perfect job. You are planning to do the same for the internship. Don’t be surprised if the consultancy charges you the same fee, with no waiver for students. What should come as a bit of welcome news is that Google has most of the information regarding internships listed right on its front page. 

But, as mentioned earlier, if your parents deem it acceptable, you can go ahead and hire a professional consultant to help streamline your approach. They can even tweak your resume and provide valuable tips on presenting yourself so that Google recruiters are left impressed.


When it comes to applying for a dream job, more often than not, it’s your valuable network that comes through. You may know a friend of a friend who works in a top tech company and can recommend you. It sounds like a pitch, right? Essentially, that’s how networking works with a few tweaks included. 

There are several social media sites that you can use to connect with like-minded colleagues and develop a network from scratch. And you can always fall back on this network should you wish to change jobs or apply for an internship. Your network can help direct you in the right direction and even help get your foot through the front door. After that, you must work hard to get your dream job.

And this is how you go about landing a job or, in your case, an internship after the 12th. Google insists that all its employees are graduates and that the internship option is a workaround. You can utilize the same to apply for a job at Google, well in advance of all your competitors and right after you finish your 12th grade! Good luck!