Why Are You Interested In This Job?

Regarding the official interview, this is one of the commonly asked questions by recruiters. And not so surprisingly, most job applicants fail to answer this question to any degree of satisfaction, and here’s why. 

Regarding the all-important query of “why are you interested in this job?” the organization is trying to gauge you from your response. They are not looking for a standard response or even one bordering health insurance plans.

When a recruiter asks you a loaded question such as, “Why are you interested in this job?” they don’t want to hear something that’s been used already. They want to know if you can think out of the box and give them a perfect response. 

Granted, that’s asking a lot, but if you are serious about joining the company, you would do due research and learn more about the company, the professionals it hires, and its office culture and figure out if this is what you want. 

Review the post; it should give you a fair idea of how essential it is to prep for this query well before a scheduled interview!

 ●      Professional fit:

One of the reasons that recruiters often ask this question of job applicants is so that they can learn more about their background. The recruiters are opening the door to the applicant to tell more about their background. 

And as a job applicant, you would be wise to utilize this opportunity to tell them more about yourself, your background, and more. 

Essentially, this open-ended query from a recruiter enables you to let them know what you bring to the table. 

You can use the opportunity to list some of the challenges the company has faced in the past and how you can use your abilities and talent to overcome the same quickly. You can use this opportunity to list your core skills and how useful the company would find them to recruit you on the spot.

●      Cultural fit:

Here, you can list the various reasons why working in this place would be a good fit. One of the issues most employees face is the cultural backlog and trying to fit in. 

You can utilize this opportunity to list the different ways the corporate scene already feels familiar. Moreover, you can imply that you already feel at home working here.

Additionally, you may want to research the company/ organization before sending in your job application. 

After all, it is not just about whether the company would feel you would be a valuable asset and an investment to the organization. 

But by learning more about the company and its employees – you can prep ahead for any culture shock!

●      Personal fit:

A personal fit is essential in determining if the company is the right fit for you. If the company is located near your residence, it eliminates the need to commute daily. 

Moreover, it can also help save time as you commute from work to home daily.

 Similarly, there are other facts you may want to mull over before deciding to accept the job. 

For example, you may find that the company is located in an area considered safe. And likewise, the rates for renting homes are cheaper in the nearby vicinity. You can utilize all these reasons to determine if the personal fit is just perfect – enough to make you want to choose this job.

●      Health insurance:

When determining if the job is the right one for you – you need to focus primarily on what the company offers its employees in health insurance. 

These days, even a simple Laryngitis operation can set you back by the thousands. And that’s why it is pivotal that you and your family enjoy the benefits of a good healthcare plan.

So when selecting the right job offer, you need to review the health insurance plans they offer and determine whether these provide you with complete coverage.

So if a recruiter asked you, “why are you interested in this job” these are some of the factors you may want to consider. 

Moreover, it would help if you remember that you are making a crucial decision that can affect you and your family. And that’s why you need to carefully consider the issue before making a final call!