How To Crack Quantitative Aptitude Test In Campus Interview?

To know how to crack the quantitative aptitude test in campus interview, stay through the passage, and we will explain all the tips and tricks to perform better in the campus interview.

Campus interviews are a crucial part of college life. Companies conduct campus placement interviews to tap the brightest of mind for their workplace. Quantitative aptitude is part of the first round of the interview. Hiring managers put a lot of emphasis on quant tests for evaluating the numerical capacity of the candidates.

Given its weightage on evaluation and overall performance, you should know how to crack a quantitative aptitude test in a campus interview.

Features and sections of quantitative aptitude test in campus interview


  • Quantitative aptitude tests happen online mostly, and the question is of multiple-choice types.
  • The purpose of the quant test is to eliminate non-serious candidates
  • The test includes fundamental mathematical problems to check numerical and analytical abilities


Please go through sections of the quant test and prepare a strategy to prepare in order to crack the examination.

Numerical test

The numerical section is based on charts, graphs, statistics, and figures. Irrespective of the size, you need basic accounting for every job role.

Verbal reasoning

The verbal reasoning section contains questions to check your ability to analyze a situation and furnish a logical solution with proper explanation in simple English. Thus, it shows your analytical ability and logical thinking.

Diagrammatic tests

The hiring manager aligns questions in this section based upon analysis of numbers, shapes, and patterns in a sequence.

Situational judgment

This section is to check the presence of mind, critical thinking, and decision-making capacity. This affects your performance directly at the workplace. For example, situations might be related to a client meeting, project, or anything related to the office, which needs sound judgment and resolution.

There must be judgment capacity to prioritize the work based on importance and urgency.

Inductive reasoning

The inductive reasoning test is for checking observational skills. You need to give the most relevant observation out of the given options.

Cognitive ability

This section is all about the use of mental and reasoning capacity to solve complex problems and puzzles. Questions come in the form of a situation, puzzle, and sequence of events.

Mechanical reasoning

This is exclusive for technical fields, and questions come in the form of puzzles and technical stuff.

After understanding expectations, the exam structure, it’s time to explore ways to excel in the quant round of the campus interview.

How to crack quantitative aptitude tests in campus interviews?

Things to do

Practice quant sets

Practice is the key to do well in the quant round. Most of the questions are based on numbers, graphs, equations, etc. This is to check your numerical abilities, analytical capacity, and understanding of graphs and figures.

You can score good marks only if you practice regularly. Buy or arrange previous year’s questions and solve them. You can take help from online tutorials posted by institutes, individuals, etc.

Practice as many sets as possible. The more you will practice, the more you will be confident about equations, calculations, etc. Your practice paper should be in accordance with the company applying for.

Time management

Every section of the quant test is essential. Therefore, devote sufficient time to preparing each section with equal dedication. It is not advisable to focus on one section and ignore the other. Instead, allocate time and solve the equation within the timeline.

Use a timer and solve the problem with strict adherence to the set time. Keep track of your performance and improvise the next day. Honesty is crucial as nobody is watching at your practice time.

Interest in numbers

Quant is all about numbers, graphs, figures, etc. You need to develop a knack for numbers, and formulas should be at your fingertips. Learn tips and tricks from online resources. You can join a coaching center that prepares for campus interviews.

Strong basics

Quantitative questions mostly contain school-level problems, majorly from 6th, 7th and 8th grade. So if your basics are strong, you would not feel any problem scoring well on exams.

Group work

Make a small group of dedicated and career-oriented students. Sit together and solve quant problems. Share answer sheets and evaluate each other. This exercise improves your performance. In addition, you will get to know new formulas and tricks.

This will also improve teamwork spirit, which will work during the group discussion round and eventually at workplace projects.

Take help of the Internet

The Internet provides many resources concerning campus interviews and how to crack quantitative aptitude tests in campus interviews. Search about the study material, practice paper, recent news, and notifications about the exam on the web. With information, you can prepare for the exam in a planned manner.

Watch tutorial videos on YouTube and Vimeo. Learn from the experiences of ex-students and professionals.


You must take feedback on practice sets from professors, family, and friends. Positively take feedback and, it requires, improvise within yourself. Feedback is vital for preparing yourself completely to take on-campus interviews smartly.

Things to avoid

Along with things to do, things to avoid are also essential to minimize chances of errors at the quantitative aptitude exam at the campus interview.

  1. Do not make a wild guess at the exam. Your answers should be exact and confident.
  2. Do not try to confuse the examiner with writing non-relevant reasoning and observational questions.
  3. Do not waste too much time on one question. If you feel stuck on one question, leave it and solve it next. You can visit at the end of the exam to solve the question if time is left.
  4. Do not get overconfident; exam patterns are different company-wise.
  5. Don’t panic if questions seem unrelated to your preparation. The exam is all about the presence of the mind and basic equations.


Campus interview is crucial, and like all the interviews, confidence and vital facts are the keys to success. So revise all sections before the final day and go for the interview with confidence to conquer.