What Is A Campus Interview?

Do you know what is a campus interview? If not, stay through the passage to know the definition, participants, and importance of the campus interview. Then, read and refer for your preparation.

Companies shortlist their future employees through campus interviews. Their hiring managers search, interact, evaluate students for internship and entry-level job roles. Given its importance for your career, you must know what is a campus interview and tips to excel on the final day.

Unemployment is at its peak, and companies have more options for candidates than ever. In this competition, your preparation and knowledge improve the chances of placement and enter the career on a promising note.

Gradually campus placements have become comparatively frequent events for students fresh from college. In addition, campus interviews have become part of human resources planning and strategy. As per a recently published survey, more than 70 percent of companies prefer campus hiring for making a strong talent pool for the office.

Importance of campus interview

Job roles and types are changing. Students are more vocal about their preferences, including job role, employment benefits, location, etc. As per a survey, more than 85 percent of the jobs in 2030 are not on the horizon yet. It means new job categories will generate because of Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of things, etc.

Companies understand the future trends, and to be future-ready, they are hiring young graduates with relevant skills. As a result, these interns and fresh graduates will be a smart and relevant workforce in the future.

Young people in this generation always keep themselves updated with the latest trends, technology, and information. This enhances the importance of campus hiring. We have mentioned the importance of campus interviews because to know what is a campus interview; you must know its importance.

Participants of Campus placement

There are several parties involved in the campus placement and interview process. Students, companies, college management staff, everyone impacts the process in one way or another.

Prominent Stakeholders


Companies or employers attend campus interviews to tap young talents for internships, entry-level jobs. Then, they choose candidates with prospects for future managerial positions. Every company needs skilled, loyal, and experienced in-house employees.


Several companies conduct campus interviews through third-party placement agencies. Their procedure of conducting campus interviews is the same. Companies intimate them requirements, vacancies, and placement agencies shortlist college students as per the company’s job vacancy.

Counseling centers

Colleges position themselves as a provider of counseling sessions to attract students. This is one of the marketing procedures to help students get the best of the companies at the campus interview.

Colleges keep a dedicated counselor; they interact with students and resolve their queries regarding admissions and what is a campus interview. In addition, they help students in understanding the interview process, eligibility criteria, and the company’s expectations from the desired candidates.


Finally, students of the college themselves. Most of the students start looking for jobs and attend counseling sessions from the first year of graduation. Only about ten percent wait for the final year.

Through campus interviews, they enter the job world with skills and knowledge. Companies and colleges try to capture these young minds in the first year itself to appear for the interviews in the final year.


Campus interview is a vital step to enter the career after studies. It is the practical application of the studies. Given the importance of the campus interview, attend counseling, prepare yourself with sufficient time in hand. Prepare from the first semester and crack the campus interview for a promising beginning.