How To Write An Essay In A Campus Interview?

Want to know how to write an essay in a campus interview? If yes, please stay through the passage to learn the steps and tips for appealing and relevant essay writing for campus interviews.

Campus interview is a vital step towards a professional career. Companies screen their future employees here and employ several methods to evaluate their candidature. Essay writing is one of the methods to assess your eligibility for the job.

Several leading companies such as Wipro, TCS, and others use essay writing to check hard skills, soft skills, mental attitude, etc., through their writing in the essay. Companies include an essay in test rounds, and the format varies from company to company.

To understand how to write an essay in a campus interview, you need to know the structure and steps of writing.

Things to consider in writing essay for campus interview

  • It should be clear in tone and language. The person who will read your content does not have much time, and dozens of essays are there for their evaluation. So, please keep it simple, within the word limit, and concise.
  • An essay should be logical, and paragraphs flow connected with each other
  • Your opinion should be natural and honest. You will be working in the workplace, and fake views for the sake of clearing the placement would not work in favor of your candidature.
  • Keep language simple enough for everyone’s understanding. The aim should be to stay logical and to the point.
  • Good vocabulary, analytical skills, and logical conclusion with your viewpoint
  • Readability, adherence to the point, engaging and informative essay score better in front of the hiring manager on the campus

Steps to write an essay in campus interview

Let’s go through essay writing steps; it will clarify further how to write an essay in a campus interview.


The essay starts with an introduction. Begin with a ‘hook’ statement to project your viewpoint on the topic and attract the reader’s interest. The reader should feel encouraged to read further with the first and second sentences of the essay.

It should convey your stand, and the message needs to be precise. A message needs to be readable, relatable, and logical. After the ‘hook’ step, it is vital to retain them in the passage with interesting follow-up sentences.

After making your stand clear in the introduction, it is time to move forward to the body’s second step. Again, the introduction must create a pull factor and encourage people to read the essay’s body. Here people are hiring managers, so your language should stay formal, the opinion should be clear and content logical.

Body Paragraphs

This is the middle part of the essay. The first paragraph in the body should have your most decisive opinion. The hiring company might have different requirements; if so, write as per their instructions. Otherwise, stick to the best armor in your arsenal in the first paragraph of the body part.

It should follow with examples if possible. An essay is all about your opinion and analytical skills. Companies want to see your opinion, and they will not judge you, so write freely and honestly.


The third step is the conclusion. You need to write the core idea of the essay in the conclusion step. Some additional points would have added advantages. Finally, give your final opinion and provide a logical conclusion of the essay. Stay relevant and organized in your content.

This is how to write an essay in a campus interview and increase the chances of selecting flying colors.