What Is The Average Salary Of Software Engineer In India?

Person works, Person expects. Person may work physically or mentally and a person’s expectation may be a favour to that person. Favour to that person may be in terms of money, food, health, feeling or emotion or compensation.

Compensation is given to a person against work done by that person. Compensation may be monetary or non-monetary. Monetary or non-monetary compensation includes payment, leaves, extra-pay, health benefits, eatables and events. Compensation given to an employee depends on different factors.

Factors that decide compensation depend on analysis. One form of analysis depends on finding the compensation given to an employee working against the same work cadre, this analysis is also known as salary survey. Salary survey reveals salary range for a job based on job description. 

Salary range is the total payment given to an employee by an employer against the total work done by an employee. Salary range depends on many factors one factor is studies conducted on the market to find pay given to employees against the same type of job and working in a similar working enviornment. Second factor that determines the salary range depends on educational qualification, knowledge level of the employee, skills possessed by the employee, and total experience attained by the employee. Third factor that decides the salary range depends on the job category such as executives and non-executives. Salary given to an executive manager or executive employee is different to that of salary given to other employees of the same company. The difference between the salary of executive employees and non-executive depends on educational qualification and total amount of experience.  

Executive salary comprises basic salary, incentives, packages including health and insurance. Executive salary can be in thousands or even in lakhs in India. The amount depends on business size, work complexity, executive level skills, and experience of the employee. Non-executive salary is the same for all the employees working the same type of job. Non-executive salaries get starting salaries. Non-executive salary depends on the educational qualification, type of the job, skills, and experience of the employee. Non-executive salaries are fixed. 

Executive of an organization can manage the work of the organization and lead the organization to profit. So they can be offered a high salary. Non-executive employees get fixed starting salaries.

Salary is also decided on the basis of Demographic factors,  number of persons available to carry-out specific jobs and job classification.

Broadband pay range is also used by organizations to offer salary to employees. In Broadband pay the salary range is broad and offers more salary to employees.

A good compensation motivates employees and encourages them to deliver more. 

Salary of Software Engineer in India

India is gaining the attention of software firms from outside India. India is gaining attention because the salary offered to a software engineer is much less as compared to salary offered to software engineers in the United States. According to the MarshMcLennan report on salary offered to software engineers in India it was revealed that the average salary of software engineers in India is US$11000. In India approximately 700,000 people are working as software engineers but still not able to fulfill the demand. It is expected that IT industry salaries will increase by about 18 to 20 percent annually.

India is working hard to deliver more IT output to the world. As per the INASSC report India holds 45 percent of the world software market. According to the NASSCOM survey India generated US$18 billion. India is getting its software work from the US, Europe and Japan.

According to the survey, the average basic salary is $100,000 in India and among US employees is $120,000. In the US a software engineer salary is between $88,000 and $140,000. Salary also depends on gender, as female employees earn on an average $10,000 less than male employees.

When salary is decided on the basis of geography top-earning geographic locations include California having a salary $18000, Northeast having salary $14000, and Asia having a salary $30,000.           

Salary is also decided according to the task and time consumed to perform that task. Salary for data cleaning tasks falls within the range of 40 thousand Indian rupees to 60 thousand Indian rupees. Data cleaning task consumes approximately 4 hours per day. Salary for data analysis falls within the range of 35 thousands to 80 thousands rupees. This task also requires 4 hours daily. 

Salary of a Machine Learning engineer also lies within the range of 40 thousands to 110 thousands rupees. This task consumes nearly 4 hours daily. Salary offered to employees working in the domain of visualization lies within the range of 35 thousand to 80 thousand rupees.

Time required to accomplish a given task also decides salary. For example, the average salary of an employee working for four hours daily on a software engineering task is different from the average salary of an employee working for eight hours on a software engineering task.

Salary of a software engineer also depends on skills possessed by a software engineer to accomplish a task using a particular tool. Apart from expertise in using operating systems, gaining expertise in using software tools is also important. According to a survey nearly 70% of employees use SQL, 60 percent of employees use Excel, 50% of software engineers work using Python, R is another tool that is used by almost 50% of organizations. Spark is used in 17% of the organization and Scala in 10% of the organization. 

Tableau is another that is growing fast and is used almost in 25 percent of organizations. Salary of a software engineer also gets decided on the basis of skills attained in operating these tools.  For example an employee having working skills on SQL, R and Scala is paid higher than a software engineer having programming skills in Perl, C#, Python and Java.

An employee having working skills of Spark and Scala earn 15% more than other data professionals.         



According to payscale an average software engineer/developer/programmer salary in India is 912,990 Rupees. A beginner software engineer having less than 1 year of experience is expected to earn 691,000 rupees. A software engineer having 1-4 year of experience can earn on an average Rupees 777,000. A software engineer having experience of 5-9 years can earn on an average Rupees 1,027,000. A software engineer having experience 10-19 years can earn on an average Rupees 1,542,000. A software engineer having experience of 20 years can earn upto Rupees 2,000,000.