Mentoring and Coaching: The Key Differences and Benefits Of The Both

 What is the difference between mentoring vs coaching? There are two types of people who teach you about various things in life: mentor and coach. A mentor will share the knowledge and skills they have acquired over the years through every walk of life for your growth and development. On the other hand, a coach will train you for special skills so that you become the best version of yourself.

A coach is different from a mentor in many ways. Every human being has both a coach and mentor in their life. Take a sportsperson, for instance. A sportsperson has a coach who trains him with the special skills required to win matches. They also have a mentor who supports, guides and provides expert advice that will motivate them to focus on winning.  

Just like that, we all have mentors in our life who provide constant guidance to excel in life. It can be our parents, friends, or even teachers who are there in every walk of our lives. In this article, you will learn the basic difference between mentor and coach and their respective roles for our success. 

What Are The Benefits Of Mentoring And Coaching For The Employees Of A Company? 

Both coaching and mentoring are important in everybody’s life. Not just in the professional sphere of life, it is also required for growth and development in personal life. The coaches and mentors transfer their knowledge to their students to bring about a positive change in them, leading them to their successes. 

There are many benefits from mentoring and coaching to the individuals of several organizations and companies. They are as follows:

  • Mentors and coaches help in increasing the existing skills of the employees in any company. They help to improve critical thinking, public speaking skills as well as problem solving and handling capability. 
  • They give a sense of satisfaction for the job life to the employees.
  • This results in growth and development both professionally and personally.
  • Helps to increase self-confidence.
  • Recognises and validates the weaknesses and turns those weaknesses into strengths.
  • Increases the problem-solving capability.
  • Creates a positive atmosphere by promoting a healthy and fun relationship between employees, managers and the boss. 
  • It gives a perspective to build a better career and become the better version of oneself every day.

Benefits Of Mentoring And Coaching Enjoyed By The Organizations: 

Along with the employees, the organisations and companies get benefits as well. Here are the benefits that a company enjoys through mentoring and coaching:

  • When the skills and knowledge of the employee’s increases, the work efficiency also increases. Thus, the company benefits from here.
  • When such a healthy atmosphere is created, the probability of the employees leaving the company decreases drastically. 
  • Every project and goal can be met with smoothness and good efficiency that will lead to success.
  • The planning session is done with perfection.
  • Communication becomes better between the employees and managers.
  • The work culture also improves.

Difference Between Coaching And Mentoring:

While both coaching and mentoring provide many benefits, their roles and impacts vary. In this section of the article, you will get the idea about the basic difference between coaching and mentoring.

Coaching is intended towards the tasks. It improves the skill set of an individual to help them get success. They give them proper training, mostly physical training.Coaches are usually strict in order to introduce discipline among the students.Coaches are usually not the ideal people to discuss personal matters.Mentoring is intended towards building a proper relationship. Mentors provide guidance and give them knowledge on how to get that success.Words are used to motivate them.Mentoring uses a softer approach.You can discuss all your personal issues with the mentors and receive great guidance based on their hands-on experience.

Which Is Better: Mentoring And Coaching?

As discussed in this article, both mentoring and coaching are necessary for the success of the employees or individuals. Both have different impacts on people and you cannot neglect one for another. 

A coach gives you proper training and a mentor provides guidance and the appropriate knowledge and both of them will help you attain all the success you want in your life. Thus, you need to find a coach and mentor who will be the perfect fit for you and who will click with you. 

On A Concluding Note:

People still get confused between what roles a mentor and a trainer or coach play in their lives. The difference between a mentor and coach also depends on what kind of person he/she is. Sometimes, coaches also play the role of a mentor and a mentor also plays the role of a coach. 

In sports, the coaches, after training the sportsmen for a period of time, become a mentor for the team. Motivation plays a huge role in success, whether it is in personal life or professional life.