Ways To Measure And Increase Your Intelligence Quotient (IQ) To Become Unique

 What is IQ test? IQ is short for Intelligence quotient. It is a measurement of one’s reasoning ability. Through this test, you will get to know how you can utilise your knowledge as well as logic to answer certain questions or even foresee any given situation. 

You may come across people who comment on an individual’s personality by saying, “he is so successful today because of his high IQ” or “he could not make it because of his low IQ”. IQ is basically your ability to think logically and it measures your intellect and potential as well. Although success depends on several factors, IQ does play a huge role in it. 

Your IQ score will tell you about your cognitive skills. Your brain operates through cognitive skills. The fact that you can think before you speak, the fact that you can grasp any piece of information, read, write, give proper reasoning, and remember, cognitive skills entitles all the above-mentioned skill sets. 

If someone is an excellent student and can learn very easily, they might have a high IQ level. However, if you want to learn more about the intelligent quotient and how to measure it and increase your IQ, you should stick to this article because you have landed in the right article. 

What Is IQ Test?

IQ is someone’s thinking and reasoning ability while utilising their cognitive skills. Before you answer any question, you first run it through your brain and form the sentences properly. IQ determines how well you use your logic and reasoning capability to answer the question and at what time rate. 

In an IQ test, first, both your short and long-term memory will be measured. It will also measure the speed at which you can solve any puzzle and how fast and how much you can remember. IQ tests will point out the areas which need the most attention and where you need to put more work in.

Suppose your IQ test result says that you are weak in solving mathematical equations; it means that you need to work on maths more. It will point out every area you are strong in and the areas you are weak in. So that in the future you can focus on your weaknesses more and transform them into your strength. 

What Is The Purpose Of IQ?

IQ test results will give you a lot of answers like how intelligent you are, which career path is suitable for you, your strengths and weaknesses etc. IQ can also tell if you have any mental illness that can have a negative impact on your intelligence and capability to learn and think. Thus, you should always check your IQ before you choose your major and even your career path. 

One fun fact is, your IQ score will vary as you age. The reason behind it is, as you grow up, you keep on learning and experiencing things. With such experiences, you gain new insights into life and your cognitive and reasoning abilities increase. So your IQ score will be different at different stages of life. 

There is no surety that you will score higher as you age. There are many examples all around the world where people had scored high marks in their IQ test when they were younger but scored less when they grew up. The bottom line is, you should never cease to learn. You should work on yourself so that you improve yourself every day. It is not a single day process. It is a lifelong process.

How Is IQ Test Taken? 

IQ tests are taken by psychologists. They will give you a series of questions which you should solve and finish in a given amount of time. In the most common type of IQ test which is the Wechsler’s Intelligence Scale, there are about 15 subtests that will test different IQ aspects. Those 15 subtests will consist of questions from maths, language, memory, reasoning as well as your retention power. 

IQ can also be tested by a very old method. First, a person’s mental age is calculated by making a person take a particular test. Then it is divided by that person’s birth age and multiplied by 100. 

Who Has The Highest And Lowest IQ In This World?

As of 2021, Marilyn vos Savant, who is a columnist of an American magazine, has the highest IQ score of 228. She is 74 years old. The lowest score will obviously be zero, but there are no reports of such a score. If someone scores 75 or less than that, then that person will be deemed to have any sort of mental illness and cognitive disorder. 


Even if you have a low score of IQ, you can still work on it and increase your score. You can increase your score by working on your cognitive skills and thinking process. Observe and assess yourself and your actions everyday.