Difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

Have you ever seen how some people have a clear understanding of everything? How do some people have their strengths and weaknesses? What are their motivations?

Such traits are the skills of a human being. 

These are required to deal with situations in our life. However, because of our skills, we can only deal with every situation of our life and can make good decisions.

In our life, human beings tend to develop many skills within themselves or outside traits to enhance their personality and their character. Skills are required everywhere in life, whether a job, school, college studies, etc.

Every individual has one or other skills that makes him different from the others. It is because of these skills and characteristics that a person is known. Also, in any job or interview, these skills are kept as a foremost priority. Based on these skills only, the right candidates are chosen for the interview and the job.

But how do you make it happen? You do it by developing your interpersonal and intrapersonal skills

Yes, skills are of various types and, two such types of skills are interpersonal and intrapersonal skills. When you achieve and develop these skills, you can advance your career because the skills help develop your personality and overall character. Let us find out what these skills are about 

Interpersonal skills 

You often see very active people and confidence in everything they do. They are good with their work and with other teams and team members. They are good at communicating and have good communication skills, whether verbal or non-verbal. Such skills are interpersonal skills. Those with all such skills are considered “good with people. It is crucial in every aspect of your life, whether a job, interview, etc.

Good interpersonal skills help ease your work either personally or professionally. Good communication skills help in maintaining corporate relationships, not only corporate but any relationships. 

The person who has interpersonal skills knows how to work in a team, lead, guide, etc. They maintain everything from their body posture to their voice and tone. Now let us look at some of the interpersonal skills :

  • Empathy is how you connect with other feelings. Empathy is a crucial skill as you get to bond well with your mates, colleagues, etc. Also, it is important to empathize with your fellow mates because it gives a sense of belongingness, and people feel that they are not alone.
  • Responsiveness Is the ability to respond.
  • Teamwork is crucial when you work in a corporation.
  • Leadership is how you lead and take decisions on behalf of others by making sure that your decision should benefit all your fellow mates.
  • Patience, you might experience such things in life where you will lose your cool or lose your control; in such cases, it is crucial to stay patient and, hence it becomes one of the most crucial skills.
  • When someone is talking, active listening makes them feel that you are listening and understanding what they are saying. Therefore, you should pay attention while someone speaks.

Importance of interpersonal skills

Such skills are very crucial, especially during a job interview. When you go for an interview, the interviewers always look to see whether you can blend with the company and with the other fellow mates.

Such skills show your approach towards people, life, career, etc. Therefore, one should develop such skills within himself because it will always help him succeed.

Intrapersonal skills 

Intrapersonal skills are those that person has within themselves. Such skills a person develops within him lose self-esteem, confidence, learning ability etc. These are all about self-awareness and control. It helps in managing your emotions and helps you in dealing with challenges and situations.

Let us look at some of them : 

  • Self-confidence is crucial in everything you do. If you aren’t doing anything with confidence, the chances are that you may fail. Confidence is also crucial while talking to others.
  • Management of time is another skill that a person must learn from a very young age only. While growing, we are occupied with so many things in life, so it is crucial to develop this skill.
  • Discipline in life is very crucial. It is because of your discipline that you touch high but, on. But, on the other hand, an undisciplined person can never achieve anything in life.
  • Overcoming challenges, a person must move on from their failures and any obstacle which they face. 

Importance of intrapersonal skills 

These skills are all about you, how you feel, your emotions, and your abilities to self- control. Although people must develop such skills, it helps overcome your emotions, helps you achieve your goals, and helps you overcome challenges.

Difference between interpersonal and intrapersonal skills 

Both are important for one’s own development and personality. Both are important for a person to achieve something in life. Still, there are some points of difference between them. Let us look at them.

  • Definition – interpersonal skills occur between people which intrapersonal skills happen within oneself.
  • The number of people – two or more people are involved are interpersonal skills while in intra skills it is only you.
  • When does it happen – interpersonal happens when you want to communicate with others, while intrapersonal is when you plan about yourself.
  • Concerned with – interpersonal skills involves exchanges of ideas while intrapersonal involves thoughts and analysis of things.


These skills have a long-lasting impact on you as well as on people around you. Because of these skills, your personality is portrayed to people, and they start treating you that way. 

Do not worry if these skills do not come to you naturally, try to develop them and cultivate them. 

By now, you might have understood how important these are for an individual. So it is always recommended that a person starts learning and practising such skills at a very young age.