BORN LEADER; can you say that?

Are you a born leader? Why are these leadership skills important? What does it take to be a leader?

“Leaders are born, not made.” A well-known phrase. This phrase itself defines the standards of a leader. Leadership is the quality that is the most refined one. A leader may or may not have any plus points or other qualities, but if they have that one quality, the person itself can change the world. Leadership cannot be confused with management. 

Management is a habit that can be adopted through hard work, but leadership is a quality talent of an individual. Being a leader doesn’t signify that you have to be the one who’s ordering. There’s a very fine line between being a leader and showing dominance, and letting out the best of someone. 

This line defines the ultimate goal of a leader. First, seeing the good in them, what they are not able to recognise. Then, let out the best of them, making sure that they are fully motivated and guided evenly about the work. 

It’s not only about watching everything but also feeling it. A leader knows what’s going on in their teammates’ heads. What are the problems they are going to face? There isn’t a proper definition to define a leader, but it could be identified with the help of knowing what a leader does? What exactly is the role of a leader?

Why is leadership skill important?

  • A leader keeps everyone and everything at an equal level. In other words, keep everything in balance. The leader acknowledges the good and bad of their teammates and makes sure that this creates a friendly environment. Working in a good environment creates a strong relationship between colleagues and will automatically increase overall performance and efficiency.
  • When they know they have someone to guide them on the project and someone to report to when things are done or someone to praise, this will create a sense of responsibility.
  • Communication is the ultimate power one holds. If the communication between the teammates is good, it will automatically reduce conflicts or any other ruckus. Ultimately, they’ll discuss any problem or share their feelings, so they can fight it off altogether.
  • Leadership is also a skill that is most in demand these days. If you’re confident enough to call yourself a good leader, then you have it all.
  • Leadership skill automatically raises the confidence of your colleagues, and this skill also inspires others.
  • Leaders have a talent for spotting talent in others. They can hunt for the hidden talents within their colleagues, and it is also helpful for choosing a perfect team for your work.
  • Leadership is not only important from a work or business point of view but is also important in everyday life. Be it in school or among those projects and team assignments.

Role of Leadership

  • Even though the teammates know what they are good at, they just don’t know what to do? You are the person who will have to provide a vision, a goal for them to achieve. 
  • Be a leader to which your teammates, as well as others, look up. This is simple, behaving properly, not being partial to someone, and behaving well with the staff members. These things will develop loyalty so that and admiration in your teammates, which is very important. Without them, a leader is nothing.
  • Providing and explaining to them what has to be done isn’t just the job. People have their downfalls and other problems because of which one cannot execute the same results. So, it’s up to a leader to go through each one of their minds and keep them motivated for a long time.
  • There’s a reason why your teammates uplifted you as their leader, and that’s because you are intellectual and have a great presence of mind. Time management is the thing you have to grab hold of. 

How to develop a leadership skill?

  • Being punctual and carrying tasks with a sense of responsibility and discipline is the basis for being a good leader.
  • Taking hold of responsibility and carrying out duties will prepare you for a good future.
  • Learn to listen; you must develop this skill because, without this ability, you will never be able to have good communication and connection with your teammates. You need to learn to listen to others’ problems and understand their feelings.
  • It is being aware of your surroundings and developing a sense of sensibility. 
  • Learn to resolve conflicts at all costs. These conflicts make bonds break and loosen trust.

Check this video for more details about leadership.

Frequently asked questions

Q1) Why is leadership quality important?

Because these abilities bring out the best from the teammates and motivate them to do better.

Q2) What is the main importance of leadership?

A leader creates a vision in their colleagues. They give them the goal they’re set to reach. The leader makes them realise what their role and responsibility are within the group or a team.

Q3) Why is leadership important in society?

Effective leadership develops a responsible and organised society.


Leadership quality is very important for any person. Companies these days are in search of people with natural leadership qualities.