What is Communication Skills?

Communication Skill is the ability to exchange information. Information could be anything and in any form. It is a way to share and receive ideas, feelings, expressions, feedback, and others. It is an essential skill to excel in any stage of life, from personal to professional. Communication can be of different types and need to have clarity on them.

Primary types of communication skills are of three categories.

What are the three types of communication skills?

Verbal Communication

Verbal Communication means interaction with words. Words can be delivered through oral and written means. Verbal Communication is of two types: Oral and Written Communication. Oral Communication is something that is spoken by mouth. This can be delivered through phone, video chat, or in person.

Written Communication is all interactions in writing. This form of Communication can be done through mail, letter, text messages, etc.

Oral Communication can be more effective if conveyed with a clear tone, volume, and inflection, and Written Communication is more valuable in legal matters, contracts, or anything that needs documentation.

Nonverbal Communication

Nonverbal Communication simply means Communication without using words in any form. This could be through body language, expression, facial contact, etc. It can also be intentional or unintentional because people can get the wrong impression of the particular expression.

Nonverbal Communication can also sometimes change the message of Verbal Communication. As per a recent study, Nonverbal Communication accounts for 55 percent of all communications.

Visual Communication

Visual Communication can be conveyed through several means and mediums, including pictures, artwork, graphs, charts, signs, illustrations, etc. It is a common form of Communication for promotional purposes, artwork, and entertainment.

Visual Communication sometimes expresses meaning along with verbal or Nonverbal Communication. It can also convey the message on its own. Most people interpret this form of Communication as per their understanding and perspective, especially in art forms, drawings, etc.

To better understand the meaning of communication skills, it is essential to know what are the three types of communication skills.

Strong Communication is required for a successful career and life. Clear and confident Communication, Verbal, Non-Verbal, or Visual, make the person ready to face any situation. It helps in all situations, whether appearing for an interview, going for a client meeting, family gathering, etc. 


As per the Linkedin survey in the USA, one of the most sought-after soft skills is Communication Skills, which are a vital skill-set for overall personal growth throughout life. It is not restricted to any particular phase of life. Communicating is the very fundamental feature and requirement of human beings.

It has already been explained what are the three types of communication skills in the above paragraphs. These three forms of Communication were present from the ages. It is a medium for sharing various types of information between individuals or even with non-human beings. This skill can be applied to differentiate face-to-face communications, digital interactions through social networks, video calls on phones or tablets, or laptops.

Grow better communication skills for a successful life and a confident persona.