How to Improve Verbal Communication Skills?

Communication skills are absolutely important, but how to improve them? Read this complete article to learn how to improve your verbal communication skills.

Why is communication important?

Communication is like the icing on your cake. It pulls peoples’ attention towards you and you will be admired for your personality before looking into your technical skills. If your icing does not attract people it has chances of turning them off. So it is important that you maintain communication and soft skills.

Verbal communication represents you. It sets your impression high in the eyes of the world. But how to mend your communication to suit the world’s needs? Read this article without even skipping a bit and learn how to improve your verbal communication skills.

Verbal communication :

It involves the use of words and language which is required to deliver the message. While most people think that verbal communication only refers to the spoken medium, written communication also comes under it.  

  •  Written communication includes documentation, books, messages or letters, or any kind of written interaction between people. The written communication depends a lot on the style of writing, the grammar and vocabulary used, and the kind of language preferred.
  • Oral communication refers to communication through words that are spoken by people either directly or using a phone or through a voice call or a video chat etc. Communication in informal manners like conferences, meetings, and seminars and also informal conversations by gossip and chat is also a part of verbal communication.

Verbal communication, generally, is considered one of the most basic and prominently used forms as it requires direct interaction with people. Every person should try to improve their verbal communication skills.  Most of the companies and organizations hiring individuals look for a person who is not only professionally good but also has excellent communication skills. They look for people who can interact well with the clients and bring benefits to the company.

Here are some ways by which one can improve their verbal communication skills.

Learn how to listen

This is a skill that is usually not considered but is actually very important. A person for having good verbal communication must also have good listening skills. When you actually listen to others, you understand what you got to communicate. 

Be clear 

any sort of communication has to be precise. Unclear communication routes for misunderstandings create issues for people. Sentences could be short, and the idea or point must be explained clearly.

Focus and attention 

For good verbal communication, it is also essential to be focused and attentive to people. Tasks and communication might go wrong if a person is not focused and attentive. Distractions are sometimes inevitable, but it is essential to be focused on communicating with the person.

Good use of language

One might not have a command over the language, but the use of good words plays a significant role in effective communication. 


a person trying to communicate must have a good vocabulary so that he or she knows where to use a particular word. Many times people say what they don’t mean and so having a grasp over the vocabulary helps a person to communicate correctly.

Body language and tone

While communicating, a person should also be aware of his or her body language and the tone of his communication. A person with a soft tone is always heard. Looking aggressive in body language and tone turn things negative. 

Asking for clarification

The art of communication is just not limited to communicating. It also requires to be known that the other person to whom it is communicated has clearly understood. 

Use concise language

Brevity is the essence of business communication. While communicating, a person should remember certain things. Unnecessary words should be avoided, and communication should be to the point. Irrelevant words must not be communicated.

Understanding the audience

It is very important to understand the person to whom it is being communicated. The audience might not have the same background as you, and so it makes it really important to know about the audience with whom you are going to communicate.

Be confident

People often mess up communication due to low confidence. It is very important to communicate confidently. Confidence is often seen as the key to good communication. One should always try to build more and more confidence for effective communication.

Be courteous

Being courteous implies that the communicator is polite, considerate, respectful, and honest with the person he or she is communicating with. This makes a significant impact on communication.


It is essential to present ideas in a sequential, organized, and logical manner. The communication should be relevant, and the information should be presented in a flow.


It is essential to have complete communication so that all facts and information are appropriately and adequately conveyed. 


It is really important to have complete knowledge about the topic a person is going to communicate about. Half knowledge is always considered dangerous, so a person should be thoroughly knowledgeable about what he or she is communicating. 

Positive approach towards faults

No person is perfect, and everybody tends to make mistakes sometimes. Accepting the flaws and working towards them by having a positive approach helps in effective communication.


Undoubtedly the verbal communication skills are fundamental. If you have reached this point, you have already learned a lot about verbal communication; now it’s your turn to follow these tips and rock with your verbal communication skills.