How to Improve Vocabulary Skills?

Time investing in improving vocabulary is, in fact, investment in the future. Improving vocabulary means adding new words for the writing. The English language has crossed a million-word threshold in 2009 and is currently growing by one word after every ninety-eight minutes. With such a huge collection of words, you will never run out of words if your English vocabulary is strong.

Strong vocabulary is required everywhere, whether in college, applying for a job or working on a project in the workplace. The question is how to improve vocabulary skills to excel in college and the workplace.

A strong vocabulary is important in expressing thoughts precisely and communicating them.

Tips to improve vocabulary skills

There is no age limit for learning. Similarly, anybody can start learning new words to make their communication skills better. It is advisable to improve vocabulary skills from college because strong vocabulary leaves a good first impression in front of the interviewers. Employees can use strong vocabulary for quality writing for projects, proposal drafting etc., in the workplace.

Make reading a habit

Read extensively, novels, stories, course books etc., because as per research studies, words in context are easier to remember than in vocabulary lists in the dictionary. Though a dictionary is good for searching for meaning, books are better for understanding the context of use and exposure to several new words.

Refer Thesaurus and Dictionary

Dictionaries and Thesaurus are the best resources for reference. They provide complete details about words with antonyms and synonyms. Refer to them and make your writing richer and effective.

Another benefit of these reference sources is finding several other related words along with the search word. This will further enhance the vocabulary.

Word Games

Word games such as scrabble, crossword puzzle, and boggle can be a fun way to learn new words. Try to play these games with someone who has better vocabulary skills than you; it will help to learn new words. You can note down new words and can refer later in writing.

Watch Hollywood Movies and web series

Hollywood movies and web series are a great way to learn new and trendy words for vocabulary. Use the subtitle option from the setting and try to understand words in the dialogue. You can always pause the video, note down difficult words, search the meaning in the dictionary, and know a new word.

Expert script writers write scripts for movies and web series with extensive research. They write new and difficult words of daily use. These words can be used in your communication in writing in college or at the workplace.

Watch debate and discourses

Use your idiot box to learn new words for the vocabulary. Tune in to English news channels, infotainment channels such as Discovery, Animal Planet, and international news channels, including CNN, the BBC, and others. This is how to improve vocabulary skills with the help of our favourite television set.

These channels broadcast debates and information sources that are contemporary and full of English words. You will learn many unique words that will be impressive if you add to the project or speak in front of the interviewer.

Attend seminars and talk to people who know better English

Talk in English with friends, family and office-co-workers or, in the case of college, to classmates and professors. Use learnt words from the methods mentioned above.

Ask them to pinpoint areas for improvisation and make an effort for improvements in those weak points.


With these methods, it must have been clear how to improve vocabulary skills to excel at office and job interviews. Though the methods mentioned above can improve vocabulary, the crucial thing is your willpower and dedication to adding new words and improvising writing for jobs and employment.