Is Gaming Laptop Good For Programming ?

Choosing a Processor and RAM for gaming or programming requires systematic analysis and a comparative study. This article gives you this comparative study


A processor is responsible for executing instructions that run a computer system. A processor is an electronic IC that carries out necessary and required calculations to run a computer system. A computer processor does a mathematical calculation, logical operations, and operations responsible for operations related to basic input/output. A processor includes an arithmetic logic unit and a control unit. A processor can process multiple instructions simultaneously, having full instructions per bit and a clock speed relative to the processing of instructions.

The two companies that have the maximum share of the processor market are AMD and Intel. In 2019 AMD produced AMD processors that dominated the market of processors. IN 2019 AMD produced Ryzen Processors. In 2019 Ryzen second-generation processors and Ryzen third-generation processors were introduced. In the year 2019, Intel also introduced a processor known as core i9-9900k.

To analyze the processor, its study must be done for the quality of the system and the performance of the system must be done. AMD and Intel are two processor manufacturers. The aim of both of these manufacturers is to produce processors that are of good quality at a relatively low rate. An Intel processor cost more than an AMD processor.

AMD has introduced new Ryzen processors. Ryzen processors were introduced to achieve improvement in cache-to-cache communication, to large L2 shared capacity and to have a high-speed L2 to core latency and to sharing of cache resources.

Consider the computer systems having the following hardware configuration:


AMD Socket AM4(400-Series)


AMD Ryzen 2000-series processors


MSI x 470 Gaming M7 AC


2 x 8GB Skill FlareX DDR4-3200 @ DDR4-2933


Intel LGA 1151 (Z370)


Intel Coffee Lake Processors


MSI 2370 Gaming Pro Carbon AC


2 x 8GB Skill Flarex DDR4-3200 @ DDR4-2400, DDR4-2667


AMD Socket AM4 (300-Series)


Ryzen 1000-series processors


MSI X370 Xpower Gaming Titanium


2X 8GB Skill Flarex DDR4-3200 @ DDR4-2667


Intel LGA 1151 (Z270)


Intel, Kaby Lake processors


MSI Z270 Gaming Pro Carbon AC


4x 8GB Skill Flarex DDR4 – 3200 @ DDR4-2666




EVGA GeForce GTX 1080 FE


1 TB Samsung PM863


SilverStone ST1500-TI, 1500W


Windows 10 Creators Update version 1703 – ALL Spectre and Meltdown mitigations 

If the comparative study is conducted to find the efficiency of AMD and Intel processors having the above hardware configuration following results were obtained.


Gaming Score

Application Score 






Intel Core i9-9900k

Coffee Lake – R


3.6 / 5.0 GHz


Intel Core i9-9900KF

Coffee Lake-R


3.6/5.0 GHz


Intel Core i7-9700k

Coffee Lake-R


3.6/4.9 GHz


Intel Core i7-8700k



Coffee Lake


3.7/4.7 GHz


Intel Core i7-8700



Coffee Lake


3.2/4.6 GHz


Intel Core i7-7960x



Sky lake


2.8/4.2 GHz


Intel Core i5-9600k

Coffee Lake-R




Intel Core i5-8600k



Coffee Lake




AMD Ryzen 5 2600X





3.6/4.2 GHz


AMD Ryzen 7 2700X





3.7/4.3 GHz


Intel Xeon W-3175X



3.1 / 4.3


Intel Core i9-9980XE



4.4 / 4.5 GHz


Intel Core i9-7980XE





2.6 / 4.2 GHZ


Intel Core i9-7900x





3.3 / 4.3



The table above depicts the use of Ryzen and Intel processors. The gaming score in the table gives the gaming performance. The above table reveals that the Ryzen 2600 processor gave better performance than the Intel Core 8th Gen processor. AMD Ryzen processors are considered better than Intel Core “Coffee Lake” and “Kaby Lake.” It was found that most of the time, AMD Ryen processors were preferred as compared to Intel processors. It was found in the research study that 78% of people use AMD Ryzen processors, and only 21% of people like Intel processors.

AMD Ryzen processors were used by most people because AMD Ryzen processors were cheap; they had more cores and had more threads. 

In a research study, it was found that Intel gave better performance when used for Games and Browsing activities. Whereas AMD processors were found to be useful for applications that are used for video editing and applications that are used for graphic design applications. 

The performance of processors is measured using the following parameters:

  • The clock speed of the processor is more critical than the core number. A processor having a high CPU clock speed gives better in the case of gaming and applications that are related to video editing. If the number of cores is more than the throughput of workloads that are time-consuming is better.
  • To take better performance, it is necessary to use new generation processors and avoid old generation processors.
  • All processors give better performance if they are used with the compatible motherboard, RAM and PSU.

Is Rayzen 5 good for programming?

Yes, Ryzen 5 is good for processing. From the analysis, it was revealed that the ryzen 5 processor is good for programming. Ryzen processor has a gaming score of 98.2 and an application score of 57.9 this is good statistics. Ryzen 5 processors are used in gaming, and in gaming programs are complex; these complex programs have to be executed quickly to get quick results. Ryzen 5 processors are capable of fast execution to deliver quick results, and this is also required in programming. In programming, complex code has to be executed, and the execution should be fast and provide unambiguous results over repeated execution, and Ryzen 5 processors are capable of doing this.

AMD Ryzen processors have 6/12 cores that are required in programming. 6/12 core are capable of fast execution and producing quick results. 

AMD Ryzen 5 processors have a boost of 3.6 / 4.2 GHz which reflects the clock cycle of the Ryzen processor. 4.2 GHz is good for programming. GHz is the number of cycles per second. 4.2 GHz of Ryzen processors reflects the number of clocks in each core. AMD Ryzen 5 processors have 6/12 cores, and a 4.2 GHz of clock cycle means the processors can have a maximum number of clock cycles per instruction. This clearly proves that AMD Ryzen 5 processors are good for programming.

Amount of RAM for Programming 

For programming 4-8 GB of RAM is required. A software developer uses many applications at the same time so 8 GB of RAM is enough to execute more than one applications at the same time but if more application is to be executed than more than 8 GB of RAM is required.

The most considered aspect of the programming computer system is that it should execute programs fast. To achieve fast execution, high configuration computer systems are required.

In programming, integrated development environments are used. Many integrated development environments consume a large amount of RAM. If more than one integrated development environment is used, then it puts an extra load on RAM. In the case of web-based development, less amount of RAM is consumed since the compilation of programs is less. In all these cases, 8 GB of RAM is sufficient.

In case, if a virtual machine needs to be executed and integrated development environments are used to compile a large amount of code, then 8 GB of RAM is sufficient.

When data analysis is done, then a large volume of data needs to be processed. In the case of Graphics, a graphics card contains memory, but a graphic intensive application may consume more memory. But 8 Gb of RAM is enough to work with programs.

All Java, Python, HTML/CSS, and JavaScript programs are easily executable using 8 GB of RAM.

But in the case of game development, the game development environment consumes a lot of RAM; in this case, 16 GB of RAM is required.

Comparison of different programming languages

Different programs are written for different types of applications. The programs may vary in size so there is a difference in computational speed. The programs may process a large volume of data in different formats. As the format of data is different, its processing is difficult. It many cases C programs may be executed at a much faster speed than Java programs. The memory requirement of the C program may be quite different from that of the Java program. The execution time and memory requirement of C++, C#, and Python is also different. 

Python and Perl are both scripting languages, and both generate intermediate language when compiled; both of these languages have different memory requirements. 

To perform system-intensive tasks C and C++ are preferred, and the memory requirement of both tasks is different.

Java and C# are compiled into intermediate languages thus consume more memory. C# requires less memory as compared to Java.

Perl requires less memory to store values. Where Python uses more memory to store values. The memory requirement of Perl is highest among C, C++, C#, Java, and Python. 

Java and C# requires 20 times more memory than C language and 3 times more memory than Perl.

C language is best when it comes to speed and memory usage. The number of lines in the C program is more as compared to C++, C#, Java, Perl, and Python. The languages C#, Java, Perl, and Python almost all have the same number of lines of code.

C language consumes the least amount of memory than C++, C#, Java, Perl, and Python. The second is C++, C++ consumes less memory than C#, Java, Perl, and Python. Memory consumed by C# is less than Java, Perl, and Python.

The memory consumption of Perl is highest among C, C++, C#, Java, and Python. After Perl, Python consumes less memory.

An average Perl program consumes 250000 kb of memory, a Python program consumes near about 200000 kb of memory, a java program consumes 6000 kb of memory, a C# program consumes near about 50000 kb of memory, C and C++ consumes the almost same amount of memory and consumes near about 4800 kb of memory. 

Though Perl programs consume the highest memory, their execution speed is highest among C, C++, C#, Java, and Python. The same is the case with Python, the memory consumption of Python is less than Perl, but more than C, C++, Java, C#, but its program execution speed is highest among C, C++, C#, and Java. The memory consumption of C and C++ is almost the same so is their program execution speed; both C and C++ have the same program execution speed.

Thus, there exists a close relationship between the execution speed of the program and the total amount of memory consumed. The more the memory is consumed, the more is the execution speed of the program.


Gaming computer systems were having Ryzen 5 processors and 8 GB of RAM is good for programming. The execution speed of gaming computer systems must be high so the computer processor must be such that it is able to execute more instructions per CPU clock cycle. The more the cores of the processors the more the execution speed of the processor and the more number of instructions can be executed per CPU clock cycle. Ryzen 5 has a 6/12 core thus can process more instruction per CPU clock cycle.

8 GB of RAM is sufficient for programming. Perl scripting language uses the highest amount of memory than Python and then C# and Java and C and C++. All these languages can be executed on 8 GB of RAM. 8 GB of RAM is sufficient for graphic design applications also.