Why Am I Interested In This Job?

 As any freelancer would inform, the reasons could be several, stemming from the freedom to work on articles at a time of their choosing. And of course, the developing one is that they often need the extra cash and often opt for freelancing in their free time. 

But if any freelancer thinks about this topic and is honest and frank, they would state that they prefer to freelance, given the scarcity of managerial decisions. These executive decisions can impact their workload and ability to develop coherent articles and streamline them perfectly. Here are some of the valid reasons why I am interested in this job to date.

 Work-life balance:

One of the reasons why I am interested in this job has to do with the work-life balance. It’s not like the regular 8 am -10 pm jobs (which includes the time it takes to commute to work and back home). 

As a freelancer, I have the liberty to pick the pieces to work on at my own pace. No one is looking over my shoulder to ensure that I follow the directions, that I am indeed working, or as per guidelines. Simply put, as long as I develop the content per the given specs, I get paid at the end of the month. It’s that simple.


Have you ever been in a job where you were under pressure to complete your workload ahead of schedule? That, again, is one of the reasons I prefer to opt for jobs like this. As mentioned earlier, there is little to no managerial interference in how you work or at which times you prefer to choose to work. 

Unlike a regular job, this particular opportunity allows you the breathing room to schedule your work accordingly. For example, unlike regular jobs, this one provides you with the assignments or articles you are expected to complete within a given period. And you can naturally opt to schedule the work and have the time to complete your other tasks.


One of the advantages of this particular job is that there is no commute involved. You are free to work from any place, as long as you have the required internet connectivity. You can work from the comfort of your own home, or if you are traveling, you can get it done from a hotel room. Moreover, since no commute is required, you get to save money, which you can put to good use.


Given the current pandemic, it is natural to worry about your workplace. Or at least you would have to worry about it if you had opted for a regular job. That’s yet another aspect that attracted me to this job in the first place. 

Since you would not be commuting to your job, there’s zero traveling required. Moreover, you would not have to work in an enclosed space with a hundred other employees. Instead, you can work from the comfort of your own home while taking all the required health precautions and sanitizing all surfaces.


If you had worked a regular job, you would be well aware of the time constraints it places on you. You would not have the optimum time to spend with your family. Instead, you would have to meet the required deadline and heck with the consequences on your personal life. 

Or that’s what your manager (at the regular job) would say. Instead, with this job, you can be your boss. You can pick the content you want to work on, schedule it as per your preferences and spend some time with your family simultaneously.

These are all the reasons that I am interested in this job and will be applying for the same soon. The bottom line, it needs to be a job that I can count on for regular work, timely payments, and above all allow me the required freedom to schedule my work. 

Sure, there are enough “brick and motor” offices that sell the same pitch to thousands of job-seeking applicants. And if you were to take a closer look at some of these companies, you would find that few, if rarely, ever live up to their promises. And that’s what’s remarkably different about this job and why it has piqued my interest.