What Is Stenographer Job?

This particular question is bound to confuse most people. However, if you were to ask a select few regarding a stenographer job, the chances are that you would get a blank look. The fact remains that most are unaware of what a stenographer does or how vital the shorthand system is.

 If you are wondering, “what is stenographer job?” then you need to understand the basics. A stenographer is a person who makes a verbatim record of the proceedings for official records/ reference. They generally do this by applying a unique type of shorthand, called the ‘steno,’ which enables them to record the meetings/ conferences.

 It is the primary function of a stenographer, so they are often in demand today by most companies. If you are interested in pursuing a career as a stenographer, review the post. You need to understand their responsibilities first. Do check out the points listed below,

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● What does a stenographer do?

Since you were already wondering about “what is stenographer job?” you may have more queries regarding their job responsibilities. A stenographer utilizes a typing machine called the ‘steno’ to take the notes down in shorthand.

 What’s interesting about this particular machine is that it allows you to type fast, using syllables and thereby type fast. It should enable any stenographer to record the minutes of a meeting, dictation, or even compile official notes quite fast.

 If you are keen on a career as a stenographer, you need to know that the responsibilities of each stenographer may vary widely from the other. But in general, they are primarily used to keep records of all meetings, conversations, important official documents, telephone calls, etc. They are also expected to transcribe their notes for their immediate supervisors.

● The job description:

As you are planning on a career as a stenographer, you need to understand that a stenographer does. You need to understand what a stenographer is all about and the responsibilities. You may be surprised to learn that most stenographers are appointed by the legal courts to record the cases and the legal proceedings.

 Primarily, stenographers have to learn to type at least 225 words per minute, while a normal typist could take twice or three times as long. They do this by utilizing a shorthand form, including code words that enable them to record the proceedings in minute detail.

 While learning shorthand is hard, it needs to be pointed out that a good stenographer would have years of experience to back up their skills. However, the fact remains that stenographers can hone their skills based on their experience. And top stenographers probably have years of experience to back up their skillset.

● Qualifications: 

Most of the qualifications tend to vary depending on the organization. It needs to be pointed out that you must at least have graduated from your 12th grade, with over 60%. Upon graduation or after high school, you can join a vocational course.

These courses usually last for one and a half years, and certain colleges also offer additional courses in stenography. The main objective of any shorthand course would be to increase your typing speed and to ensure that you do not commit any mistakes for obvious reasons.

●   Work environment: 

Naturally, the work environment varies, and it depends on the institution that hires the services of a stenographer. That said, it needs to be pointed out that stenographers often find their services in great demand in public and private organizations.

 It also needs to be emphasized that court proceedings often require a court reporter or a stenographer to take notes. But while all court reporters are stenographers, not all of them end up as court reporters.

These should give you a clear idea of what a stenographer’s job is and its importance.