How To Land Job In Singapore From India?

Singapore is a fast, booming job market and a top destination for many ex-pats. Given the fact that workers are in demand at the moment, the query on how to land a job in Singapore from India should not come as a total surprise.

One of the reasons that several migrants often make a beeline for Singapore is mainly because of its low migration, friendly atmosphere and the fact that the Singapore citizens are multi-ethnic and friendly as well. The good news is that the employment industry is booming in Singapore at the moment, with more expats being hired. If you are wondering how to land job in Singapore from India, then you would definitely want to check out the rest of the article.

  • Check your eligibility: There are various kinds of work permits that you can apply for and various kinds of positions that are available. So, you may first want to check out which ones you are eligible for and apply accordingly. So you need to list out your qualifications and use the online assessment tool to check and see which ones you are eligible for. The ministry of manpower is the one that publishes and updates this assessment tool, and as long as you are eligible, you should not have an issue applying for a visa.
  • Assessment alone is not enough: While online assessment tools are great, you need to remember that you would still have to factor in permit quotas, personal background as well. And only after an assessment of all this, and an actual job offer in hand, is a work permit issued.
  • Select the right industry: It makes sense to do some background research. A simple read of Singapore’s industry would tell you that some industries thrive better than others in Singapore. So, you may want to do your research and apply to the right industry. Generally speaking, Singapore has always been considered a golden spot, for financial industries such as audit, securities, etc. But these days, the Singapore Job market has been surging as far as IT, Digital marketers, Compliance experts are concerned. The demand in Ecommerce and tech, especially with UI and UX designers is fast peaking out. So check it out, before you opt to apply for a job in some sector, in Singapore.

  • Understand the employment scenario: Before you choose to apply for a job, you may first want to spend some time trying to understand the employment scenario, and be familiar with the various procedures and practices. If you are an expat applying for a job in Singapore, then this is doubly important.
  • Online searches: Granted that there are several job boards but searching each one for that elusive Singapore job could take a while. And that’s why you may want to create profiles on job sites like monster, as you can use the same to streamline your search and ensure that you find the job, you are definitely interested in.
  • Recruitment agency: Yes, there are several job portals you can utilize to get that Singapore job. But it may make more sense to head over to a recruitment agency, since they would be able to provide you exactly with what you want. Just a word of advice, most recruitment agencies either ask you to pay a finder’s fee immediately or after you have obtained the job offer.
  • Networking: But one of the most effective ways to land a job is through networking. You may have old friends or even family members in Singapore; try to send out feelers out to them along with a copy of your CV. It may even end up getting you results a lot faster.

These are some of the methods that you utilize to land jobs in Singapore, all the way from India.