How To Get a Job In Dubai From India?

When it comes to landing jobs overseas, Dubai is a favorite destination for many migrants and with good reason. Dubai provides migrants with high pay, requisite healthcare and other facilities. And it ranks right near the top, when it comes to being a favorite destination for migrants.

How to get job in Dubai from India?

When it comes to landing that quintessential job in Dubai from India, it might be worthwhile to take a few notes. Dubai offers both expatriates and migrants a safe zone to reside in along with high pay, tax free income and top of the line health facilities. It also boasts of fantastic infrastructure, schools, top tier colleges as well. And what’s more, nearly 90% of the workforce consists of migrants. Moreover, of the total population of 9.2 million, over 7.8 million are migrants. This should clue you in to how easy it is to get a job in Dubai.

So what do you need to prepare?

If you are wondering how to get a job in Dubai from India, you need to read on; if you are planning to work in Dubai, you obviously need a work visa, one which will enable you to work for any company located in Dubai. The good news is that you can always head to Dubai with a tourist visa, search for a job, find one that complements your profile and then transfer your visa from a tourist visa to that of a work visa. Do note, the work visa is more or less the same for all companies located in Dubai with a few modifications.

So what documents do you need to submit?

When it comes to documents, it is essential that you submit the relevant medical documentation, doctor’s certificate, passport copies, photo, job confirmation letter, and now, thanks to the pandemic, a coronavirus free certification as well. You basically need to submit all this, so as to obtain a health card, This is mandatory to working in Dubai. You also need to send a passport photo, employment contract as well as the employer’s license. You need to do this to obtain a labor card from the ministry of Labor, 

Residence visa, what else do you need?
It is vital that you obtain a residence visa from Dubai’s general Directorate of Residency and foreign affairs. 

Do the research:

It is essential that you focus on your research, once you land in Dubai. Focus on learning more about the job market, and learn more about which jobs are in demand at the moment. Just remember that you are planning to work as a migrant in Dubai, so you need to search for jobs that allows for expatriates and migrants to apply, 

Check out the top MNCs:

It goes without saying that you may want to concentrate on top MNCs, top corporations like Estee Lauder, and others like Hilton, etc. These companies are more likely to hire migrant labor with high-end salaries and favorable working conditions as well.

Work on your CV:

You need to work on your CV, check out some of the CVs online from other successful applicants, and that should give you a very good idea as to how an effective CV is supposed to look like. Just remember that your CV is the one that will help impress your employers and get you that dream job. So yes, you need to revamp it so that it is effective enough to impress the socks off your prospective employers.

This is what you need to do to obtain an actual job offer once you land in Dubai.