How To Apply For Railway Jobs

When it comes to the Indian Railways, it may surprise you to learn it currently employs around two million, as of 2020. And that makes it one of the largest employers in India.

A railway job is safe and secure, and like a central government job, it comes with all the requisite perks and a healthy pension. That’s why a railway job is currently in vogue and quite popular among the general population. You may want to pay attention when it comes to the “How to apply for railway jobs” process.

Educational Qualifications

As an applicant, you may have been anxious regarding how to apply for railway jobs and the required eligibility criteria. The good news is that the railways’ recruitment board, under the direct control of the Government of India, lists out its requirements (jobs) each year. The RRB, or the railways’ recruitment board, often lists thousands of open positions, and the eligibility and educational qualifications vary for each.

That’s why you need to check out the RRB website for updates and information regarding new, open positions. Moreover, you will learn that most posts do not require the candidate to be a graduate. Depending on the post, the educational qualification can vary from a 10th std pass, 12 std pass, college graduation, or even a post-graduate degree. It depends on the specialization and the post you plan to apply for. Various open posts are usually listed in the Government Gazette newspapers. Remember that the eligibility criteria and age limit are bound to vary from one post to the other.

How to apply for railway jobs after the 12th

If you are keen to join the Indian Railways and start working for the same immediately, read the following. Check out how to apply for railway jobs, review the portal and shortlist the posts you are interested in. You can apply for these posts once you complete your 12th standard successfully. Some of these posts are listed below. Check them out

  1. Ticket collector or Ticket examiner
  2. Railway constable
  3. RRB loco pilot
  4. Goods Guard
  5. Railway Information Department
  6. Railway driver
  7. Railway clerk

Eligibility criteria for Group A, B, C, and Group D railway jobs

When it comes to railway jobs, as mentioned earlier, you are bound to find that the qualifications along with eligibility criteria, age limit, pay packet, and responsibilities will differ with every post.

For starters, the jobs are categorized into various groups, with Group  A and Group B being official cadre posts.  Usually, the medical staff, engineering, and other officials come under these two groups. And naturally, the eligibility, along with the educational qualifications, would include college graduation. Some may even require the candidate to complete special diploma courses before taking part in any entrance examination.

Group C generally consists of skilled labor and other subordinate staff, including clerks and supervisors. Moreover, the jobs that fall under group C are fairly easy to get into, and as an applicant, you would be required to sit for an entrance exam.

Group D generally consists of unskilled labor, and the exams for both Group C and Group D are conducted solely by the Railway Recruitment Board. Depending on which post you apply for, you would be required to clear the exams with a certain grade.

RRB exams

As a candidate, if you plan to apply for Group C and Group D jobs, then it goes without saying that you would be required to clear the exams and meet the qualifying cut-off mark for each post.

The exams alone are not too rigorous nor extremely difficult to clear. The first part is the written exam, where the questions are multiple-choice, with the total time set at 120 minutes and 100 questions. These are usually divided into 40 for general awareness, 30 for mathematics, and 30 for general reasoning.

The next stage also consists of 120 questions along the same pattern, with general awareness at 50 and mathematics along with general reasoning taking up the remaining 70. After completing these stages, you would be required to attend a general fitness and a medical test. Once you have cleared the same, you must attend the interview.

And this is the process by which you apply for railway jobs. Make sure you review the directions given in the various adverts, as you apply for these jobs. Good luck!