How To Get A Job In CBI?

When it comes to the question of how to get a job in the CBI or the Central Bureau of Investigation, you need to be at the top of your class. 

You must have graduated, from a renowned university, in the top half of your class. And that’s just for starters. Check out the rest of the op-ed for more information on becoming a CBI officer, methods, and other details.

If you are reviewing options on “how to get a job in the CBI?”, remember you can join the other services and try for a direct entry. But still, you would need to excel at the top of your batch and appear for the qualifying exams(CBI). 

You may also note that the CBI directly enlists meritorious candidates, directly to the CBI. For more details, review the information posted below.


It would help if you graduated from a reputed college/ University with a good GPA. Moreover, you must have graduated in the top half of your class to be able to sit for the CBI entrance exams. 

Granted, you can land a CBI job (though of a lesser grade) through referral or direct enlistment. But all said and done; you would still be required to have completed your graduation with a good GPA.

You can enroll for any degree as part of your college studies. But it would be advisable to take a course that allows you to specialize and streamline your abilities, such as Forensic Accounting, medical studies (any branch of study), an MBA with emphasis on Corporate taxes, etc. 

By graduating at the top of your class, you can appear for the required CBI grade exams. To enroll as a senior-level grade CBI officer, you need to qualify for the UPSC civil services exam, which is held, every year.


The other option on the table to become an actual ranking CBI officer is to sit for the SSL- CGL exams. Granted, the UPSC exams sound tougher than appearing for the SSL-CGL. But nearly every applicant aiming to become a CBI officer enters these exams.

The result is that the SSC – CGL exams are more challenging as they are competitive. Moreover, if you are planning to sit for these, you should know that the age limit is 25 years for all candidates appearing for this exam. The exam itself lasts over two hours and consists of several multiple-choice questions.

The question paper (a total of 200 marks) is divided into four sections – reasoning and intelligence, general awareness, quantitative aptitude, and English comprehension. That’s level -1 of the exams; for level 2, you get to sit in for a similar pattern of multiple choice questions, but it carries 400 marks instead. 

And the marks you score in these exams, coupled with your medical and physical fitness test, should enable you to qualify for the rank of Sub-Inspector in the CBI. And after a duration, you can sit for the inter-departmental service exam and qualify for a promotion.

Personal interview:

Once you have successfully cleared the physical and medical tests and have passed your SSC – CGL exams, you will be required to appear for a personal interview. It is mandatory, and you must be clear to become a sub-inspector in the CBI.

UPSC exams:

Of course, you can also appear for the UPSC services exam and try qualifying as a CBI grade A officer based on your performance. UPSC examinations are downright hard, and you must prepare for this exam well in advance to clear it. 

The age limit to sit for the UPSC exams to qualify for the CBI inspector grade is 31 years. The UPSC option enables you to enter CBI group A onwards.

You also must have graduated from a reliable College / University with GPA well above average. And this is how you go about getting a job in the CBI. 

And, of course, once you have become a CBI inspector or sub-inspector, you must clear additional service exams in due course to ensure you are on track to a promotion! And appearing for these inter-departmental service exams would help boost your career! Good luck!