What is medical coding job?

 Imagine working in a busy hospital with hundreds of patients getting admitted each day; now imagine doctors diagnosing and treating each one of them. Can you imagine the healthcare bills that would generate each day? More importantly, how would the admin enter the requisite information on the healthcare bill, given the various complex procedures carried out?

That’s where medical coding comes in. But of course, you can always search online for “what is medical coding job,” and the chances are that you would find the same information at various sources.

A medical coder takes the health report to summarize the various health procedures. This information is easier to bill and provide both the patient and the requisite insurance agencies with a copy.

● A closer look at it:

If you are looking up “what is a medical coding job” and currently evaluating your chances of becoming one, you need to know what the job consists of and what it includes.

For starters, it’s all about knowing how to translate various medical procedures into codes so that both the insurance companies and the doctors in charge can understand it easily.

While the job may seem complex and even a little complicated, it is not as it seems. On the contrary, a medical coding job primarily consists of understanding three code sets.

They are ‘understanding current procedure terminology’ or UCT, ‘International classification of diseases’ or ICD, and ‘HCPCS’ or the healthcare procedural coding system.

 ●  How to become a medical coder?

Naturally, given the role, you must pass your 12th grade and acquire a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree specializing in life sciences.

It should enable you to understand the medical terminology utilized by various healthcare professionals, and you will be able to understand the procedure performed.

Similarly, you must have strong analytical skills that should enable you to review medical bills and comprehend the various medical procedures that were carried out.

Once you do, you should be able to bill the patients accordingly and even enter the requisite codes into their report.

 ●  What is the current outlook for medical coders?

Given that a pandemic is raging, most hospitals are understaffed and desperately need skilled professionals to join up immediately. That’s more of an understatement, given the very need for skilled healthcare professionals, at the moment.

Now that you have understood what is medical coding job is, you need to decide if this is the career you would want to select? And if so, you also need to determine if there are any higher specialization courses you would have to take to become a medical coder.

 ●  Is medical coding that important?

Granted, you are bound to have this question pop up in your head sooner than later. But however, all hospitals utilize the services of medical coders, and they would need them to continue to function seamlessly.

Apart from billing and filling the patient’s chart and report for doctor’s future reference, a medical coder can help communicate the essential procedures and diagnosis, and even the various tests carried out on the patient.

In a sense, they can alert other doctors and healthcare professionals regarding the current status of the patient. Apart from highlighting the patient’s underlying issues, a medical coder can streamline the process of communication between a doctor and other medical practitioners, as well as the rest of the hospital.


These are some of the essential details that you need to know about medical coding and how essential it is, as far as the healthcare system is concerned. A medical coder will always be required at a hospital, and if you are planning to become one, you need to know that the job of a medical coder is always in demand.