How To Apply For A Job In Canada From India?

Canada is a favorable destination for many Indians, as the living conditions are quite favorable. Moreover, the process on how to apply for Job in Canada from India is quite straightforward.

Canada has been and continues to be a beacon of hope to hundreds of thousands of Indians each year. The good news is that Canada is highly diverse and happens to be a nation that celebrates its ethnic diversity each year. And the living conditions in Canada are quite favorable as well, with the climate bordering on pleasant.

The immigration numbers are indeed staggering, which only implies that landing an actual job is not that difficult. There is a good process by which all the applicants are processed for their respective visas. But, of course, the process has seen some abrupt changes due to the pandemic that’s affecting the world economies all over. So here is a recall of the process on how to apply for jobs in Canada from India. 

Why permanent residency is the best option when it comes to jobs in Canada:

When it comes to Canada, the nation ranks quite high when it comes to employment in most sectors, from IT to Healthcare. Healthcare surpassed other sectors in hiring overseas migrants during the period 2014-2020. Moreover, a permanent residency offers you the same benefits that a Canadian citizen enjoys, along with allied health benefits as well. A permanent residency is offered to the applicant only after carefully assessing the candidate’s health, professional background, and mental well-being. The process is detailed enough, so much so that employers consider applicants with PR as a safe bet when selecting a candidate.

How to apply for Permanent residency (PR) in Canada?

Here’s how you can apply for permanent residency in Canada. They are primarily the express entry program, provincial nominee program (PNP), and the Quebec skilled workers program (QSWP).

The express entry program:

This is the easiest path when it comes to migrating to Canada. The applicant’s profile is considered on a points system, wherein the points on a candidate’s profile are considered based on a comprehensive ranking system (CRS). In addition, the candidate’s profile is evaluated based on their age, education, language, and work experience. Furthermore, under the federal skilled worker’s program, a candidate can immigrate automatically to Canada, should they acquire 67 points OR above, according to the CRS system.

Provincial nominee program (PNP):

For the provincial nominee program (PNP), the qualifications vary from one province to the other. And once the candidate meets the required qualifications, he is then provided with the PR for that particular province. Do note that if you are planning to apply for PR from a particular province, the current jobs quota and demand are also considered before a PR is issued. And the PR is valid only for that province and not for all of Canada.

Quebec skilled workers program (QSWP):

The Quebec skilled workers program provides you with the PR to work in the province of Quebec. The applicant’s form needs to be vetted twice, once by the Quebec province and then by the federal government. Once it has been vetted twice and approved, the PR is then issued. 

It should be pointed out that a candidate need not have an actual job or a job offer, but just that the applicant has acquired the required eligibility points and meets all the criteria for a permanent residency. He can apply for a PR with or without a job or even a job offer as long as he has the required points as laid out by the CRS.