How To Get A Job In The UK From India?

When it comes to landing a job in the UK from India, the overall process may seem difficult to most. But in reality, it is not and can be quite easy and less cumbersome as long as you follow the respective guidelines. Like every other European nation, and since Brexit, the United Kingdom has its own set of rules as it applies to immigrants seeking jobs in the UK. So the best way for Indians to land a job in the UK would be to get a job offer from a prospective employer. But here’s what you can do if you are wondering how to get job in the UK from India.

When it comes to seeking out job opportunities, there are various guidelines that you may want to keep in mind, starting with the fact that the immigration rules, guidelines have been overhauled since Brexit.

Do your research: 

The good news is that UK citizens are not filling the current on-demand jobs so that overseas skilled workers can apply for these positions successfully. Just review the shortage occupations list or SOL, which should give you a fair idea of the job scenario in the UK. The good thing about SOL jobs is that they are often in high demand and, as a result, often receive a visa sponsorship quite easily. The current SOL jobs can vary, from IT to healthcare, so make sure you check out the latest listings. Do note that the SOL jobs are often divided into three major groups, 1, 2, and 3, but the visa requirements are more or less the same.


It goes without saying that you’ll need a well-crafted resume, one that impresses the socks off your prospective employers. Make sure that you have entered all the requisite information and have provided all the required information. Apart from personal information, make sure that your resume contains your recent work history and relevant ad-hoc information that’s relevant. For example, if you had received any award in the course of your last employment, you may want to mention that as well. And above all, make sure that you attach a covering letter, along with your CV. Just make sure that it is to the point and provides the prospective employer with all that they need. You might also want to make sure that you list along with your education history, awards that you may have won during your school and college years, etc.

Work permit: 

If you already have a work permit to work in the UK, you may want to mention it.  The chances are that your prospective employer may select your application based primarily on this criterion, as it saves them from having to process a work visa on your behalf. So as far as your employer is concerned, choosing you would translate to less work and minimal paper work from their end. And more importantly, having a valid work permit means that you would be able to begin work right away, with no lag time.

Tier 2 Skilled Worker Visa:

The visa that you would be applying for is the tier 2 skilled worker visa. This particular visa would enable you to stay in the UK for long periods of time, and more importantly, it also allows you to bring your dependents to the UK as well.  It is important that your prospective employer has a tier 2 sponsor license, which basically means that he’s allowed to grant sponsorship to overseas applicants. You would also need to pass the English language test and submit proof of your English proficiency. It is important that you can listen and speak passable English before your visa interview.

When it comes to “how to get a job in UK from India,” this happens to be the process. Once the visa is granted, you follow through with the remaining guidelines, and soon, you should be able to fly to the UK for an actual job.