How To Get A Job In ISRO?

When it comes to ISRO, it’s hard not to think of Chandrayaan 1 or chandrayaan 2. To state that these space missions managed to galvanize the whole nation would not be an exaggeration. As a result, hundreds of thousands of aspiring graduates immediately made a beeline for the ISRO office with the goal of joining India’s premier space organization right away. If you happen to be one of these graduates, wondering how to get job in ISRO, then read on to know more.

ISRO does hire from the general pool of candidates, but there’s a prescribed process, one which you would have to partake in and even sit for a screening exam if needed. Just read on to know more about how to get job in ISRO.

ISRO is headquartered at Bangalore, which was established in 1969, and heads a number of scientific and research organizations all over India. ISRO today holds the record for launching most satellites in a single launch, and at roughly 1/10 the usual rate most organizations charge worldwide. To state that ISRO headed a revolution of sorts, with the development of innovative technologies and infrastructure for the exploration of space and beyond, would not be an exaggeration. And it is but natural for candidates looking to join ISRO, but the process is set and one that they would have to follow as well.

The process – After class 12: Candidates, after the completion of non-medical stream and class 12 boards, can join ISRO in two ways. One of them would be to apply for admission to the Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology (IIST) at Thiruvananthapuram for direct recruitment by ISRO. The other option would be to pursue engineering and sit for the ISRO centralized recruitment board exam (ICRB exam).

The ISRO ICRB exam provides a direct entry for engineering graduates to enter ISRO. It primarily consists of two stages, a national level is written exam apart from which, a personal interview. Engineering graduates are strongly advised to maintain a 6.84 GPA and are expected to score at least 65% in the ICRB exam. The age threshold limit is set at 30 years. In simple terms, you are required to be below thirty years in order to appear for the ICRB exam.

The IIST route: Students, on completion of their 12th boards, can also appear for the IIT JEEs and score a high rank. This would naturally qualify them for entry to the IIST, through which they can be recruited directly by ISRO. All candidates who are admitted into IIST are required to meet certain conditions in order to be eligible for ISRO. They are expected to maintain a 7.5 GPA but it is worthwhile to note that not all the eligible candidates are taken by ISRO as it also depends on the vacancies that are currently available.

ISRO also has a live register where research graduates, PhD students can enroll themselves for possible recruitment in their respective fields/ specialties. Apart from this, ISRO also issues notifications, through which candidates can apply and sit for the required exams and various skill tests. ISRO would then recruit them based on their overall performance.

ISRO does issue advertisements, from time to time, depending on their current need. These ads call for interested BE/B Tech graduates with a GPA of 6.5 and are often selected by ISRO – depending on their overall performance, including the entrance examination and personal interview.

Interested candidates, who meet the required age criteria, can apply directly as well. They would have to go to the ISRO website to check out the latest updates on recruitment and apply for the respective positions directly. They would be required to pay an application fee of INR 100 for the application. This is the basic process on how to get a job in ISRO.