How To Get A Job In Europe From India?

If you are wondering how to get a job in Europe from India, you would be pleased to know that the process is anything but hard.

If you are looking for a job in Europe, then you will be more than pleased to know that the overall process is quite easy and not as hard as you had imagined it would be. There are a few factors that you need to consider before applying for a job in Europe. Apart from the fact that you would also have to understand that visa rules, as they apply pan Europe differs widely, from countries like the UK.  

Visa requirements:

In order to work in Europe, you would need a work visa. You also need to understand that the visa requirements vary for EU citizens and non-EU citizens. Essentially, if you happen to be a EU citizen, then you can work in any EU country and need not require a work visa to do so. However, if your place of origin is a non-EU country, then you would require a work visa to work in the EU. 

Apart from the work visa, you can also opt for the EU blue card that would enable you to work in any of the 25 EU member states. But you need to understand that the EU Blue card is a work permit, not a visa and one that highly qualified professionals can opt for, which should enable them to resume work in the host country, right away. So if you are wondering about ‘how to get job in Europe from India’, then this is how you go about it.

  • Research: The first thing that you need to do is to understand the European job market and understand which jobs are in demand. The ones that are in demand happen to be IT, Healthcare and Construction. More often than not, job demand in these sectors has peaked of late but it still pays to do your research to learn more. According to various studies and research papers, jobs in Europe are expected to peak between 670,000 and 850,000 by 2020. And going by these, it is expected that professionals with a STEM background would be more in demand and more so, under the current context (Coronavirus)
  • Online process: It’s important that you learn as much as possible about the visa application process, and how you can apply online. The process is fairly easy and quick, but do note, there are certain qualifications that you would have to meet, in order to successfully obtain a work visa to work in the EU.
  • Build your network: While you can check out the various EU job sites, which list out the latest jobs in demand – it is equally important to build your network. You need to develop your network, and broaden your skills and expertise in the relevant field as well. It is equally essential that you attend the various meetups in your industry so that you can develop your network. You should know that your network will always come handy, especially when it comes to searching for the right job.
  • Start applying right away: You can start applying early, by applying through multinational companies. 
  • Work visa: It is essential that you apply for the work visa first. The process is straightforward and without any hassle. Moreover, it is essential that you apply for a work visa at the earliest, and get it processed and approved as soon as possible. You would need one to work in the EU. You can also apply for a work permit as well as the EU blue card

And that’s how you go about landing a job in the EU from India.