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Are you looking for video editing? is the best software for video editing. We have reviewed in detail in this article.

The Best Editor For Your Videos

Nowadays, the world has developed into a digital environment, and people are more interested in social media networks than direct communication. From advertisements to simple status posts, most of them express their ideas, happiness, and talents in videos. Long gone are the days where people take videos during occasional functions like marriage and parties. Nowadays, they prefer taking videos and editing them by themselves through their mobile phone and laptops. 

The market is filled with multiple video editing software and only if you have created attention due to their extraordinary features. They do not need simple cut and paste software. Nowadays, youngsters and professionals expect software with advanced features and techniques that make the real video a perfect one. 

Nowadays, people do not use explicit cameras and video cameras to capture memories. They prefer using mobile phones, and having an editor on their phone is a good option to complete the editing process whenever and wherever they want. Among the software present today, we are going to take a look at the InVideo software available for Android users all over the world. With multiple features and contents that make your video special, anyone can install them and use them. 

Today I will provide an in-depth review of the software based upon the experiences I have received by using it.


What is InVideo?

InVideo is unique software created for editing videos with high-quality output and features that support all editing processes. Whether it is a professional editing requirement for simple editing processes, you can perform everything with this software and the powerful cloud technology to save the work in online portals. This software is for everyone, and now video editing can be done anywhere with a good internet connection and a mobile phone. 

Featured In:

Ine video offers a full-featured video editing tool for marketing and business requirements. Along with entertainment, people also use this tool for professional editing. From Microsoft to other international companies, everyone uses this software to improve the quality of their video. Some of the common features include promo videos, advertisement maker, slideshow maker, and online video editing options with cloud storage Technology. This application can be installed on all your apple and Android devices and easily installed by accessing Google Play Store.

I tried many applications in the market:

As a reviewer, I have to try out multiple applications available in the market. Each application has its own set of positive and negative aspects that makes it difficult to usage. Among such applications, I highly recommend InVideo as it was yet another application that I chose to review. 

But after using it and analyzing the features, I realize that it would be better software for my personal and professional requirements. I still have this editor on my mobile phone. As we have seen, this application can be used for entertainment purposes like status updates and video posts.

But along with that, you can also use them for professional edits. For example, if you are a travel blogger who constantly moves out to visit places and upload video content on YouTube, this application will be a suitable choice. Without any fancy equipment or constant need for power, you can use your mobile phone to edit and upload the content. 

It allows you to perform all types of edits without any difficulty. I have been using it for some of my professional review uploads, and it has proved to be useful in many ways. If you are still not satisfied, you can install the free version and go for the complete subscription later. 


Putting up status:

From WhatsApp to Facebook, everyone wishes to put up status to indicate their happiness, sadness, and wish others on their special occasions. Most of these statuses are in the form of videos that can be easily edited and prepared on your mobile phone with the help of this InVideo video software. Whether it is a status filled with multiple photos or videos, you can still rock it by using the software with features that support easy editing. 

The video is a full-featured video editing software that offers the latest technology-based support with easy usage. From the basic feature to the most advanced level editing concept, everything is explained easily with a mini tutorial to ensure that everyone can use them. Putting up status can now be a more fun-filled job with multiple frames and editing options available for your use. 

You can create a simple video playing with photos, add music, including your voice, text typing, and graphics that make it unique and special. Even though you receive a watermark for the free version, you can still create beautiful videos with 5000 and more templates. It also offers an automated text to speech software to create cash bill statuses for your WhatsApp and other social media posts. 

Suppose You want a professional status that reveals your company identity to create advertisements. In that case, InVideo is the right choice for you with a professional logo revealing templates and other options.

  • Excellent Customer Support

Along with the top-notch pricing and features, the website also offers excellent customer service available 24/7. So if you have any problem while editing the videos, you can avail the of text support through live chat, Facebook communities, and by directly contacting them. Suppose you are a new person who doesn’t understand the concept of video editing but still has the interest to enter the field. In that case, you can schedule a demo with customer care for a clear understanding of the features and to utilize them to the maximum. 

Most of the editors available in the market do not offer such customer service, and this unique feature has made me use this product without the fear of errors and losing the videos in the middle. You can save your videos and Re-edit them when required. 

  • Short Video Ads

Long gone are the days where people view advertisements on television and purchase the products that interest them. Nowadays, people are more interested in using the product supported by social media influencers. While some of them are quite famous personalities, most social media influencers are normal people with huge fan followers. They post videos that promote a particular brand for a limited payment. 

If you are an influencer looking forward to creating video ads, then video is a good choice. It offers slideshows, business presentations, video colleges, bitesize ads, and normal video editing features. It’s not just that you can also introduce the brand with logo revealing features and branding templates that make your short videos unique and special. Most video ads are crisp and filled with creative content with High-Definition quality videos and audios for better earning. From a simple 5 second video to 3 minutes, you can create video ads of any size.

  • Best Online Video Creating Tool 

This video editor is one of the best online video creating tools that I had come across in my career as a reviewer. If you are looking for creating high-quality HD videos with a professional touch, then utilize their online video feature that comes along with free filters, templates, stickers, tools, and effects. With the help of these free features, you can save a lot of money unless you require advanced template models from the paid version. Even the simple free version has a wide range of temperate collections sufficient for a simple proportional video with advanced features.

With 98% age of happy customers and more than 12 lac videos being created, this tool is designed to edit professional videos within a short period using the available templates and media.

  • A Must Have For All Content Creators!

This editor is a boon to content creators and YouTube professionals who aim to create video from their mobile phones. It offers the templates required for creating a good introduction, title cards, and other features that make it suitable for short content. Whether it is a simple Snapchat story or a promo video, you can create anything with the help of this unique video editing software. 

Content creators like YouTube video uploaders, vloggers, and influencers can record any video of their choice and refine it using the features present in this editor. Some of the common features useful for the content creators include YouTube intro maker, meme generator, slideshow maker, promo video maker, youTube video editor, outro maker. You also can add your voice or convert the text into a unique voice to ensure a proper background effect for the YouTube videos. Support all formats of music which is essential for your intro and running sessions. 

Reasons why I prefer it:

  • This is the best tool I have ever used:

If you are a blogger with a unique article that needs to be converted into a video, then InVideo is a perfect choice. Features like the article to video converter and URL to video converter offer you a chance to create a video of your reading material. It offers you the option of creating your template with a plain blank canvas or choosing a media template to edit your videos on time. 

  • I am so happy using InVideo

InVideo has offered me a chance to edit all my videos from the comfort of my own home. Along with viewing videos, I also use InVideos to create personal videos for memories and other occasions like birthdays. The features and expanding solutions have made me happy. The media are easy to use, and hence I can create as many videos as I can with appropriate after-effects. 

With the help of this video editor, anyone can now create an e-invitation that can be sent through emails and other social media messages. It allows you to create images with high and low storage space depending upon the quality. If you look forward to creating a slideshow with all your pictures for a wedding or birthday, this application will be a good option. It comes along with an audio tagging technique that makes the display more effective and the video perfect. 

  • The best app I used till now:

Among the variety of other editors present in the market, I chose this one since it is one of the most advanced models available for a reasonable price. It allows you to complete all the work on time due to a Media Library and templates that support your editing process. From the introduction to the final thank you note, everything can be easily edited without actually learning the editing process. Most people nowadays are seeking a job in the field of social media and the digital world. The editor is a boon for such people since they have to work very less on learning the cause of the easy user interface.

  • Best support team!

If you have any issues with the video editing process or while exporting them, you can immediately contact the support team available 24/7. The live chat will allow you to explain the issue in detail and easily proper solutions through online portals. The customer service is always prepared to assist you with advice and efficient assistance. Even if you have experienced an error while exporting the document, you can still retrieve the altered version with the help of this unique support. 

Each expert is well experienced in the software, and they can assist you regarding your issues with the editing process. You can also schedule a demo session to understand the application better and learn the features in detail.

Pricing and features:

  • InVideo Pricing Overview:

InVideo offers a unique and simple basic plan for free. Anyone with just a logging informality can use the free version. It offers multiple features like 5000 plus video templates and a library with 3 million collections. It allows you to create automated text-to-speech voice-overs for your video tutorials. But this plan is available only for a 15-minute duration video with a watermark. 

It also has a business version with a $15 per month that offers features like no watermark, premium quality media, ten extra stock media every month. It allows you to export sixty videos per month. It also includes the features available in the free version. 

But if you are looking for a complete unlimited version, then go for the unlimited plan with the payment of $30 per month. This unlimited version offers you access to all the plants and features available in the editor with unlimited usage criteria. For me, this is a good option since it allows you to edit multiple videos by using these unlimited features that allow instant access throughout the month. Along with these features, you can also utilize the cloud storage space available for all the plans.

  • Key benefits of using InVideo

Using InVideo can be a good option for common editors and professional ones because of their features. Along with video editing options, InVideo also offers features like cloud storage with 100 GB capacity for unlimited and 1GB for the basic version. This allows the users to store the video data before completing the editing process. The multiple features available for making Facebook videos, Tik Tok videos, professional YouTube videos, business videos, logo intro videos, and advertisement videos have made it easier to use. No other video editor in the market has such a huge collection of templates and media. 

So using this editor, users can create multiple videos and start their own video editing business without any extra equipment. It allows the users to create and edit them from anywhere with the help of a simple mobile phone. Meme creators and influencers have become quite professional these days with multiple followers. This software also offers features like automated text-to-speech voice-over technique, and background music inclusion that reduces the stress of Re-recording. It supports multiple audio and video formats for creating perfect videos. 

Along with these options, the video also offers customized plans for the user to meet up with their requirements with reasonable pricing.

What are the features of InVideo that make it so awesome? 

InVideo editor offers multiple features that video editors from all professions can use. From advertisements to business proposals, this video editor can be used by everyone. Along with these, certain positive and negative aspects make it unique from the other additives in the market. Let us now take a look at them in detail.

InVideo Pros:

Some of the positive aspects of using InVideo include, 

  • Advertisement feature that showcases options like slideshows, business presentations, bitesize ads, and video colleges. I highly recommend this application for normal advertisements and also for Facebook with Facebook ad templates. 
  • Not just YouTube uploaders, but even professional video creators can utilize this software to create promos for serials and their upcoming videos. Most of the televisions nowadays are displaying their serial videos on youTube with daily promos. These can be created using the special promo video maker with intro and conclusion videos. It also allows you to add bite-sized advertisements in the front for extra earning. 
  • YouTube professionals can create introduction conclusions and video editing using this editor with automated voice-over Technology. You can also add background music with special effects.
  • Both video import and export can be done at a faster rate without worrying about the quality. Even the recorded videos can be imported in HD quality and exported with utmost clarity. 
  • Along with these features, it also allows the creation of invitations, posters, and Facebook advertisements with the help of specific features and online video editing options. You can also convert your articles into amazing videos with the help of the features available. 
  • It offers free storage space with cloud Technology. The media options are unlimited, along with access to iStock Media Library. 
  • It offers a video rendering resolution of both 720p and 1080p. 

InVideo Cons:

Some of the cons with this software,

    • The watermark is available for the free version. So you cannot create professional videos with it. 
    • Sometimes they present bugs creating a problem while exporting the data. But they can clear with the help of the support team. 
    • And similarly, the text overlay on the exported videos was slightly different from the original version during the preview. This will waste a lot of time during re-editing and export process. 

Are people satisfied with InVideo?

As per the records stated by the website, most of the customers have created positive reviews on the editor. It has also been rated as the best application in 2018 by Google and in 2019 by Apple. The latest feature of intelligent video assistants has allowed them to create exclusive videos worth five-star ratings. It’s not just normal people, and they also have customers from some of the best organizations like Microsoft, Aspen, Reuters, AT&T, and Zoho. So, all in all, people are satisfied with the output offered by the InVideo editor. 

InVideo FAQs and common questions:

Some of the common questions that arise while using InVideo have been listed below. Read them to self answer your queries. 

  1. Does it have a watermark?

The watermarks are available for the basic version, but by choosing the unlimited and premium plan, anyone can avoid the presence of watermarks and create amazing videos. 

2. Does exporting take time?

It offers fast export of videos and saves more time regardless of the version you use. Even though the number of exports is limited in the free version, the speed is the same for everything. The export can be done in HD quality. 

3.How can I be confident about payments? 

If you feel hesitant about making the payment, then try the premium version that comes along with a free trial period. This allows you to experience the features and then make the payment after the trial version is completed. All the payments are available in both annual and monthly versions. So if you are still hesitant about the payment, you can purchase a monthly subscription and then go for an annual subscription when you are confident about the usage of the editor based upon its quality. 

4. Can it be installed on my Apple iPhone? 

This application is not restricted to Android users, and the latest installments have been created for Apple users. If you have any queries regarding the usage of this application, you can contact the support team for installation and other features.

The customer service is available 24/7 with live chat rooms that are prepared to help you any time of the day. 


These unique features along with customer support have made this video creation software a suitable choice for creating product videos, advertisements, and entertainment videos. Long gone are the days where you have to avail the services of a professional editor. Now everything is present in your hand. To install the software and try out if it is the perfect choice for you.