What Is A Civil Service Job?

A civil service job is a government job, one where you would be working either for the central or the state government. And these jobs are often in demand mainly because they can offer you better pay and job security and even help your career grow further. So, in a sense, civil service jobs often rank high regarding job fulfillment.

If you wonder what a civil service job is, you need to read on. A civil servant is employed by the government (state and federal) and provides requisite services at the state, local, and federal levels. It needs to be pointed out that when it comes to what is a civil service job, the job description has rather changed over the last few decades.

Apart from servicing the governments at the local, state, and federal levels – today, it also encompasses joint enterprises. A company that collaborates between the state, federal and private players is generally termed a “joint enterprise.” Normally, the same rules apply, except that jobs in this sector tend to be more lucrative. 


To apply for a civil service job, you must meet the eligibility criteria and pass the required civil service exams. Moreover, you would also be required to get a competitive score in the exams, preferably in the given range for the preferred post.

It must also be pointed out that you must not have any court cases pending against you and have a clean record. A civil service employer will naturally conduct a background check, and if you have any cases pending, or have been arrested in the past, then the issue is bound to come up during the interview.,

Needlessly, the requirements will vary from one post to another. And the same applies to the eligibility criteria as well, And that’s why you need to check out your post, the requirements for applying, and the eligibility criteria for that post. Moreover, all civil service jobs will require you to be an Indian citizen at least 21 years of age.

 Civil service exams: 

The civil service exams are conducted annually and happen to be some of the most competitive exams held all over India. All you would require to take part in these exams is college graduation and being 21 years of age. That’s it.

As such, students all over India take part in these exams each year with the hope of acing the same. These exams are not the same and come in three types. The first one is the common civil service exam, a competitive exam. 

It is held periodically, usually once or twice per year. The exam is structured so that students can score within a certain range and hope to land a civil services job.

The second is of the “continuous’ type, where the demand for employees is higher. These exams are conducted to gauge the general aptitude of the applicant. And the last applies only to central government employees, who would be required to take it up to advance their careers.


There are quite a few advantages to being a civil servant, so you may find the competition quite extensive when it comes to a civil services job. If you are unsure about the various advantages, you would want to mull over the rest.

  1. Security: 

One of the advantages of being a civil servant is job security. Once you are a government servant, you can rest easy knowing that your job is secure. And what’s more, your job would come with several perks, including a pension for the rest of your life.

  1. Benefits: 

As a government servant, you are eligible for several benefits, starting with the pension. Apart from your pension, you can also avail yourself and your family of a leave travel commission by which you can travel the length and breadth of India for free.

And this is what a civil service job is all about and why it matters.